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Suffer, That's right. Sharon Sharon Lee, Let me just acknowledge the obvious. You are the first sharing Li in 12 years of this broadcast. I have only met three other share inlays in my life. Well, you're the best. Don't let anyone tell you different. Both Sharon Lee sharing Li, Would you like Alexis and her magic fortune sticks to concentrate on your personal or professional life today? No, I'm moving after 11 years. Okay, well, then work to you. You've come to the right place. Hopefully Alexis can help. Here we go Share Lee. That sound that you hear in the background is the sound of Alexis shaking her box. And soon soon a stick shall rise for. That's right. That's right. Sharing. That's right. Sharing Lee soon a stick is gonna rise from that box. And that is your stick. And it comes complete with a lucky number. Take it away, Alexis. Surely I'm shaking my box real good for you right now. So here we go. She usually only does that for select audiences. So see what pops out. Sharon leave 09 is your stick Sheerly 90. Yeah, I know it's there's no Bea Arthur joke. We can apply to this. Go ahead. Oh, you're moving after 11 years. Okay. Oh, I love this. All right, says yield not to greed and hate cast them aside. Let conscious be you're on Lee guide Your heart will be open, pure, sublime and bright, Just like the full moon that shines high in the sky. Oh, here's some more about meaning. Here's some more about the meaning. It's about a full moon lighting up the sky everywhere is little with brightness of hope. Being upright, unbiased, impartial as you can and uphold the principles of reason, Justice and mercy. Darkness and light can always be distinguished. It will be a good year for you and your family. Yes, and train can be transacted and Profits gains. Looks like that Your domestic animals will not be injured, which is great. Focus on silk making. Okay, I'm gonna set on a journey. What's up? That's all time that they have a dog grooming. This is where I'm moving to the new location. Oh,.

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