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Is the answer you know. That's a great question I wish i knew what the answer was. But i can tell you this as long as we continue to subsidize those folks directly That money's probably not being spent in the most You know most honest fashioned. They're probably continuing to feed an addiction. Again i think we can fund opportunities that are fund organizations that give these folks opportunities to to stand themselves up but Quite honestly there's not a great answer and sometimes it is just tough love that It's probably necessary. And i think that's what justin smith was sitting on talking to weld county. Sheriff steve riems. We'll talk about a different side of this thing The fact that Owns ever post From anybody in elected position right from the sheriff's office it's going to be spe- it's going to be turned it's going to be criticized from every angle nowadays now that we've gotten to this. Habit of everything is so political. I mean that's just the social media world we live in boy. I couldn't agree with you more. I posted on july fourth. A picture of thin blue line flag in connection with a regular american flag and posting. That i put on july fourth has gotten over eighty thousand comments because someone decided to share to a bunch of i'll say anti-cop groups and so people went on the attack You know. I don't speak for everyone in law enforcement obviously but The folks on that the folks that responded to that post were just quite frankly they were awful and then the instant messages i got where even even worse But you know people feel emboldened to say what they wanna say on social media platforms and even if it's just pure pure hate there really is and and that's a that's a conversation we can have a whole nother time where. He talked about the ramifications. There's you can post something on facebook and you don't have to get worried about being punched in the face right. He don't have to be worried about any sort of retaliation right right. There's there's an anonymity and anybody can post from their mom's basement and I think that's what a lot of these folks do. But you know. Justin smith is experiencing that that hatred right now for someone who has a from people who have a different opinion than what he does. Yeah almost three thousand comments on that already. Nearly two thousand shares on this pose From from shares smith And really don't you look through there. There is no You know there is no There is nothing really wrong with it. I suppose in terms of he didn't go over lines or anything. He just posted his opinion out. There your thoughts on on how you control and how you handle not replying to some that. Hate or do dive right back in and fire back..

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