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Any services the justify the extra money you're paying the by that stock that's really what what that's what the question ends up being okay well i guess i don't know enough to ask this intelligent leave it first off if i did with america trader of the uh what ghinwa marina those yes yeah do i have to then do my research and decide which uh what i wanna buyer did they give me advice on that like he does they can give you advice they have people who do it but let me suggest an and this i would like you to really consider this and don't just instantly react but consider the fact that your broker doesn't have any more knowledge about which stock is going to do good in our do well in the future too good do well in the future then does anyone else on the planet they have no secret knowledge their firm has no secret knowledge and please remember that for every buyer of a stock there is another person on the other side of that trade selling it because they think it's a terrible stock and they're getting out of it so buying individual stocks is a very risky speculation it is not investing and it shouldn't be done with anybody with any money except that which you can afford to lose almost in its entirety now dominion energy because it's a utility they're probably going to be around for a long time but also because they're utility they tend to be exceedingly boring and dull and no one knows what direction it's going to take there's no way to know what direction and individual stock is going to take but when you buy all of them you buy the whole market you can with relatively high confidence know that the global economy will grow over time so i'm not a big fan of individual stocks i don't think a broker adds value in their suggestions to justify a two percent commission i think you could probably do research that would be just as good as a matter of fact there is a guy by the name of burton malki he'll who wrote a random walk john wall street who believes and has data.

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