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Assam, Shane. The KF became morning news on news 93.1 kfbk. Some three times. You twist always insist that no way shoot island go now without even know how to Way knows do Oh, I guess that hold more go down. No, Steven Late Show tonight, so right? Yeah, Stephen. I don't say don't know. State 8 38 Welcome back Pat Walsh Show there's 93.1 K B. K. Your nights and I heard radio. Forget about the more pat podcast. We've got two or three more episodes coming up this week being prolific on this, Benjamin or is on the birthday board tonight. Born on this date and 47. Loved that Dude, Benjamin or I think about He left his way too early. Ric Ocasek of the cars, Benjamin or who had this song is a solo song in 86 comes down to, you know, Stay the night. You're sure? Of course. He's.

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