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You're just gonna stick with four guys given the off days, and and where does urban Santana fit and all this. Well, we are gonna stick with four initially. We don't need that fits starter till till April tenth Ervin. Santana's gonna stay back here and continued. To throw. He's fingers fully healed. Now, it's more matter of sort of building up the endurance in the repetition and come that April tenth start swimming, everything holds in that time, we need a starter. Ervin. Very likely take the ball that day. And the last thing for you is there a is there a player there were not given enough attention to maybe a newcomer or something that you that you're really excited about in in how fit into this ballclub the season. You know, it's going to be tough for it too. I think show up in the stat line necessarily, but what James McCann is doing for young pitchers. In terms of not only explaining to them how other teams view them and how would prepare for them at after being in our division for the last several years, but also helping them sort of improve upon their own arsenals and unlock those some of what we've been trying to get through to them. I think James is going to have a really big impact on us from a from a defensive standpoint for low from a pitch calling and game planning and pitcher development standpoint, which again is going to be difficult for it to necessarily show up and be attributed to him, but all of us from Ricky and all the coaches, and when we talk about what James brought it keeps coming up that that impact he's having our on our young pitchers. Overlooking looking forward to Seattle comes together. Recom- we'll see on Thursday in Kansas City. Sounds good. Thanks for having me. All right. Thanks you too. Adam Hogue and also to general manager, Rick Hahn, you know, you hear Adams voice, you think about the bears. He's actually out in Arizona doing double duty doing energy before us is also going to cover the owners meetings. And there was some news coming out of the bears today and Ryan pace daily NFL executive of the year for twenty eighteen it is sponsored by the sporting news. It's voted on by all thirty two NFL team executives pace becomes the third bears executive win the honor and the first since one thousand nine hundred five that's when Michael mccaskey won the honor. After the bears won the Super Bowl. George Papa bear house. Of course, the first to win the award back in nineteen fifty six pace being credited, of course, for his hiring of Matt Nagy. And the fact that the bears went twelve and four and one the NFC north division title their first since two thousand ten got the playoffs, and we'll just leave it at that. Because we all know what happened there. Hopefully, you have better times to come in. In the next season. Congratulations Ryan pace really doing a nice job there for the bears as a little bit of a challenge ahead of them. No, no draft picks in the first two rounds. A bears will be picking until the third round pick number eighty seven overall. And we'll see what Ryan pace does. He's made some cash doing the those late in rounds. Subscribers some pretty good talent. So we'll see what what goes on there. Of course, analog will keep us updated on what's going on there from Arizona as well. Arctic quick time out here. We've come back. We'll gets more White Sox information. I had a chance to sit down with Tim Anderson last week in Glendale, Arizona. We'll hear from Tim Anderson in just a moment out seven twenty WGN..

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