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This is. CBS news on. The hour sponsored by ZipRecruiter I'm Jim shanavie there's been an incident just outside of British parliament. In London as a car, crash through. Barriers injuring a number of pedestrians BBC correspondent, Jonathan Blake is there I can see Hoffer doesn't. Police calls also more arriving. All the time we've seen an, ambulance drive past, chief fire engines drive pasta armed police officers regular police officers as well and several police motorbike in attendance Driver the car is. In custody police would not say if. They suspected terrorism in an attack. Last year a fifty. Two year old convert to Islam drove a car into people on a bridge, leaving five dead and fifty injured before he, was shot dead by police in today's incident police say none. Of the injuries appears to be life threatening there's been another death. On the wildfire lines in California a firefighter was helping to battle that state's biggest. Wildfire ever the Mendocino complex place CBS's Steve Futterman the firefighter has not been named he is. From Utah, he was, killed as he battled an active portion of. The Mendocino complex fire the firefighter was airlifted to a. Local hospital but. The injuries were too serious and he was pronounced dead a state of emergency exists in parts. Of central and eastern Pennsylvania, after a. Day of torrential rains caused flash flooding filling, roads and basements with floodwaters this all comes on. The heels of heavy rains. And flooding in New Jersey over, the weekend WCBS, TD's Jessica Layton the flood water in this street is receipt But with more rain in the forecast we're being told it will be at least two. Days before people who. Were rescued and evacuated can go back home I'm standing my house looking through the window watching the water come in Feeling.

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