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The guys who are tracking toward making up this this clubhouse this year. It's uh it could be a real interesting makeup. Well, what could that do for you guys? Yeah. I mean, it's fun is just I think it makes the camaraderie help out a little bit. When you got five guys with past experience of living together and playing together, and, uh, it makes makes attention a lot easier. And, uh, It's not a whole bunch of new personalities you're seeing, and then you start forming groups and everyone knows each other from various walks of life and all that. It makes the transition easier to get in the camaraderie going to go to the team chemistry going So what's the plan for balance your Seeger and Munsey this year? Yeah, Unfortunately, like my, uh I hate to say that I've like revealed the tricks out of my bag. But I come out to slide by Goo Goo dolls. A lot of fighters. Um, but, you know, maybe I'll throw more fastballs this year, but Now it's fun. I mean, I really enjoy facing those guys. And that's what gets my blood pumping the most is we you go face the Dodgers and that I think we all honestly play them so well because We? We want to beat those guys and it's just it's we always perform well against them. It's just it's fun going into Dodger Stadium, and I think we play him a little bit harder than most teams play him and It's just It's always a good syriza play against them. But it's a lot of fun in the off season of or even when you're throwing bullpens to imaginary batter. Last guy stepping in there, Cody Bell injury and L M V p like Artem out with a cider 01 or try to bust in on the hands of the fastball, and you play these mind games of yourself to prepare yourself when it really happens in May and June. Is that really how you picked your song because of the slider. No, it's Brandon Crawford picked it, so it's actually a funny story. But I was so Crawford picks rookies come up in September, Crawford picked all the rookies, songs and all that. Hey, got the select everyone's and hey, picked. Hey, pick slide for me by the Goo Goo dolls and everyone liked it. I thought it was great. And so they asked on the questionnaire to fill out my walk out song for this year for 2020. And I feel it out and I sent it upstairs and I come out in the first song. They played a slide by Goo Goo dolls. So anyways, ask again, I send up my my pick. I send it up there and they play slide again, and apparently, Crawford kept vetoing it and so I'm stuck with good, we all sides, so everyone liked it. And I guess I guess it's a little change of scene from heavy rock songs or AH, rap song or something like that. But The players seemed to like it in Crawford really appreciate that. I still come out this song they think, What's the song that you wanted to use? You know, I think I used I used some, uh I think it was like a maybe a Rolling stones song or somebody that I get is it wasn't a t d. C but it was something I can't remember off the top of my tongue. What? What It was, but it definitely wasn't good. It'll slide because you hear that hear the acoustics are to take off first and You're getting excited to come in and nine o'clock and in Oracle ballpark, your side of the face 2345 of the Dodgers, and then the acoustic guitar kicks in that kind of takes you down a little bit, but it works so well, take it. Yeah. I mean, you're in the minor leagues for seven years. You're a little harder than Google dolls, don't you think? Exactly exactly, But it's a brat like I was in the minor leagues for eight years, and you could play Beethoven out there, and I wouldn't care. I mean, just let me set. That's that's why he's got veto power. How long does the veto power go? I get it when you're a rookie, but come on. Yeah, I mean, as long as 35 still in Giants uniform, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be played. So keep it for a little while. Hopefully I love it's himself. It is with us, Sam. What do you think they are, They are amassing. Quite a group out there in the bullpen, and you said earlier. It's probably going to be closer by committee. I feel like in baseball. Everything is by committee right now. What do you think about that? Yeah, it Z kind of really fun to see our bullpen come together, and I thought Would a Jew bathe our pitching coach about this? Sometime of just we've amassed a team of Our bullpen of pictures that all come from different angles of we just signed Jake McGee, who's 96.4% fastballs last year, the top of his own. I threw 65% fighters that Weissler who I worked out with this offseason through 78% sliders. Tyler Rogers throws from the floor. Carrot. Caleb! Argh! Our throat. Asphalt at the top of his own hard. I mean, Harlan Garcia wanted for us to get guys out anyway, they come up. I mean, it's just way piece things together, and it's It's not probably the prettiest of the most expensive Bolton, but we get out so It gets the job done. So we're doing that? Well, yeah, I think it's gonna be a real interesting group. It's wonderful to have you on before you go would love to do the big finish with you. Perfect. Okay. It's Sam Selman on the big finish..

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