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When your army dreams and that's a bittersweet song miracles If you're ever in the neighborhood that was another Scotty request from east Chicago We couldn't get to it last night because it was such an abbreviated show but wanted to get it on to 1973 on Tamil of course It was on the renaissance album that was a cut So 888-876-5593 takes us to Quan in Milwaukee How's it going Hello my dear friend How are you I'm well I'm well That is nice You play a tone and tea I'm in there with the Tim frieze Dedicated to Monday night Yes I did Absolutely Yeah No that was nice It was Monday night for because I played it for music trivia on Monday I wish you had caught Because you don't want Yeah I was trying to I was trying to follow again And another thing today you'll hear the NOV today right We just talking about local music and musicians because Harvey and I mentioned that I was talking with you announced by the comments from the show lights And we used to talk about an old margarita with the cheetahs here but also Elon Muller And they want to do a thing with him I remember you were saying that he was in He was there He's in Los Angeles I think actually east valley And he has a Facebook page And so Facebook takes You can go to Elon butler on Facebook and you can private message him right there He's there You're right He's talking about that But I was saying when I mentioned that everybody was calling in because I was telling that county stadium 19 69 The old for James Brown Yeah Now he was entertaining that director Please give me a chance that he did So yeah I'm glad you got that share of some of your information on the mob Good So yeah Yeah that was a Tim please Louise to do that tune now That dedicated to the one I love That came out way back in the day then It sure did That was lowman pauling and the 5 royales Originally Yeah I knew it but there's another group later Much later the Charles did it But the original was the original was the 5 royals Oh absolutely A lot of people have done that song But yeah the three guys from Memphis and they were just so underrated because they were so good Now okay now what you know about new birth Not much what do you want to know I mean I know what the records were as far as that goes And I know that didn't understand They were originally in a public room that did that warrant and they'd be able to And then our memoir was telling you I think that was the band aid was a mid midnight sun New birth came out of the night lighters They were from Louisville originally Right It was a bag of bands Right And then the night lighters and they had of course Harvey fuqua are the most famous but Tony Churchill also as well and there were a number of other people in that band And over the years some of earth went and fired I think Johnny Graham had been in it and all that But they also were the crawlers as you know on Alvin cash you remember twine time That was the night lighters behind them but they were called the crawlers but my favorite thing before they form new birth when they were the night lighters they had cagey And I thought that was the best instrumental ever And cagey was just wonderful I don't know why I love that record but I do And then they became new birth after that And it was the two brothers in the same too well but young lady She was dying I don't say yes And bogan from the marvelettes Yeah And what about Shirley down here doing so the team Yeah I don't know I guess okay You know okay I talked to you going okay But yeah we would discuss now I will pass that information down because I was bragging about the day on the radio I'm impressed I love that And Louis discussing you know the history of there being phrased and then when he came up with that He was saying let me chest at all Right After he bought the chest brothers had a big piece of that yes Yes but of course I was more at W AWA girl myself But both are good Are you still there Hello hello Oh no We've lost kuan Go on We've lost you Oh no Now I heard you Now I heard you I heard some words Okay All right Yeah okay yeah I said that one reason that Our name is rally James Yeah y'all got to get involved All the music some of you playing with and all that and everybody Yeah That's so nice Thank you Well yes if you have any trouble finding a line let me know and I'll jump in there but you should probably be able to do it easily through Facebook We'll definitely do it Okay good All right rob you take care of my man You too Thanks All right so yeah now I got a plate cagey because yeah I gotta hear it And I will in moments But my favorite one of my favorite instrumentals And I don't know why But Johnny D in Ohio welcome back to WGN radio Hey hello How are you All right how's it going It's Boeing It's snowing Yeah All over the world seems like raising all over the world Yeah That's Raining all over the world is a line also from an ELO record but okay So moving along I'm glad I hired a guy to come in the morning with a plow Yeah good for you That's the way to go it You don't right I'm too old to do that That's right That's right But anyhow I told John I wanted to ask you a question about 5G you're talking about three three G four G just for that Now the only thing I know about that role because I know everybody thinks you know everything everybody's saying how you know everything And I say you can walk your high wild knowledge read out of them Yeah I gotta play that again You're absolutely right So what do you want to know about 5G Well what it is all I know is that the G stands for generation Right right Exactly Absolutely And it's a generation of what A generation of digital connectivity in terms of the way cell phones and other devices interact with themselves over the Internet over while not necessarily Internet per se But how Devices connect to each other like your original cell phone that you bought probably was a two G device I'm guessing That was most people got into it then So it's just a generation but the thing of 5th generation and four G was not the direct predecessor Remember from four G we then got LTE which was considered to be a form of four G but anyway The problem with 5G and it is a problem when their marketing it is 5G comes in three distinct flavors And there's low band mid band and high band And when their advertising lightning quick.

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