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That's very good so we had lived highest grossing sports films number one the blindside number two wow the waterboy which is not number three the longest yard the remaining life so that's me yeah and we have number four talladega nights again not really a sportsman's pretty funny though i have to concede here here the rockies rocky four rocky three and five and six seabiscuit at seven blades of glory remember remember the titans nine and unbroken at ten that's not a sports on broken a war movie isn't it lay ran though it was in at least two seem to fix so you know what was a really good movie was moneyball money works movie and it's a really good movie now something like some of the things like pride of the yankees do you like that it's fine i mean joe slowly slowly was was good brian niro was in that too that was a good movie just to find a word about van jealous that did win the academy would for best original music school and when he talked about it they were like you didn't use period music and because he's very modern music for somebody we sit in nineteen twenty four and he said the maintenance was the story itself the rest i did instinctively without thinking about anything else other express my feelings with the technological means available to me at the time fabulous scenes it's become we'll see young old school it was paired yet an old school doing you're too young for for 'em to you have you seen it have you seen charity fire.

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