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Phils game dot com membership we bring investors right to the floor into the pants with bills daily live web in our classroom get inside market guidance on investing strategies find out more tools getting dot com or call eight seven seven six other gang that's eight seven seven six hundred four two six four don't have time to analyze and study stocks have bills game dot com we recognize that there are all types of investors and we also recognize that your time is valuable so we offer investing programs for all individuals we offer investing programs or long term and short term positions and fills game dot com provides quick and easy to understand investing videos the only take a few minutes to watch with the Phils game dot com investing programs you'll learn technical stock chart how to execute your X. rays and most importantly you'll gain the confidence to know when to get out of the store and take profits sign up and fills game dot com that spills game dot com or give them a call eight seven seven six hundred game. wish they could Jerry Douglas as a licensed mortgage loan originator and his company car cash call mortgage let me give you is number nine four nine five three five nine three eight five are you can go to cash call mortgage dot com I want to thank you is this service you gave us is incredible why don't you explain a little bit when you say how you specialize in I'll turn of products for self employed applicants yes thank you thanks for having me on so we specialize in is alternative product for applicants who are self employed we have a product for apple consider you know have a lot of assets to know documental income that we have another version for you to real estate investors so there's three versions of our alternative approach alternative product that helps people with you know outside the box and aerials get.

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