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And they would attack men in their sleep. Now for some time. The black pig or the flying pig dragon. Also was representation of the collapse of a universe onto man, pinning him down to the earth. And from there, we have the best and krone. Which is similar to what the Chinese had called ghost depression. What they would do is. They take the pig. Dragon symbol. And the carpet into Jade and in Hogson cultures. They would use it as a challenge for the dead keeping them from spreading disease and from coming back as ghosts to haunt men in their sleep. And so goes depression is the same thing as sleep paralysis. And there have been many people who've called the program saying they suffer from sleep paralysis others have called the show saying that in the midst of sleep paralysis, they were having visions of demons in their room or figures in the room. There's also, you know, tales of the inky by suck you by Zak. The suckers. This is the old Crone or the old hag it's called hag syndrome and in some cultures. The krone has been seen riding on a pig or a pig is with her and people when they have this experience of the universe cla-. Collapsing down on them, which is the representation of the flying black pig. It's the black universe. Just falling apart rocks or whatever something pinning you to the earth people when they have sleep paralysis report feeling a pressure weighing down on them, and they sometimes data these encounters with the old hag or the woman seemed to happen when they're in the dream like state now when the living encounters this kind of spirit. They often reported feeling that they have been caressed sat upon or even violated for the purpose of sexual gratification. They're also been cases that have resulted in death. In December of nineteen Eighty-one the centers for disease control published a report detailing sudden, unexpected deaths during sleep among mostly young male, southeast Asian males refugees in the United States. Thirty three of those who died were from Laos for were from Vietnam and one is from Cambodia. Now to read what the centers for disease control said about these young southeast, Asian males dying refugees. They say, quote, the abruptness of the deaths reported here is compatible with a cardiac this rift Mia. The report goes on. But the underlying mechanism remains unclear. Now, there are a lot of proposed explanation. As to why these men died included stress. There was also stress for the immigration process. The resettlement process sleep abnormalities undiagnosed heart defects dietary deficiencies, but nothing could be proven. So it began to be called sudden unexplained deaths syndrome or suds, and they still have a category for sudden unexplained deaths syndrome now we've all heard of sudden infant baby death syndrome or infant deaths in what SIDS, but this is suds. This is for adults. This is for it's classified for these. Because of these refugees that died in their sleep so syndrome. It turns out had been deviled southeast agents. For generations. We found out the plenty of of of young males that would just die in their sleep. And you know, no one knew why? And so they call it suds. So in the Philippines. They called it. Banking got the to die of Bengal. And and the tag log it was a tag, log word for nightmare. Dang the doctor died of their nightmares. So what they would have is sudden sudden dreams that were killed them. Remember when you were a kid, you were told if you're falling in your sleep and your dreaming, and you hit you hit the ground. If you don't wake up, you're dead. Well, it's kind of like the idea that you better. Make sure you're not falling you dreams, you better. Not be part of the collapse. You better not feel like you're being pinned to the ground. You better not have a visit from the old hag. You better not have a visit from the black pig. It will kill you. If you go back to medical journals in the Philippines, you can go as far back as nineteen seventeen. And they talk about suds. They talk about men dying in their sleep. And it says your it says where I was reading there was there was a book by Shelley Adler. It's called sleep paralysis nightmares. Cbo's in the mind body connection. And in her book, it says, this is says go back to nine thousand nine hundred seventeen many of the men who view with sullen respect if not Frank terror in Thailand, it was called light tie in Japan. Poku uri. So so men would die of Bengal got light, Tai Po Cudi, and whatever the name, it is the syndrome was the same. Sudden death of apparently healthy young men often at night, they die in their dreams. Okay. And Shelley Adler who wrote this book, I was reading this book part of this book today as I was doing my research, and she was she's a professor of the university of California, San Francisco, and she came to the stunning conclusion, she said. Did the men were killed by their beliefs in the spirit world. Many men believed that they were being visited by the old hag. There were visited by the black pig. Now, even if their mechanism of death was something like a cardiac arrhythmia or something like that. They were being visited by the black pig being visited by the by the old hag, you're being visited by the suck Yabus. They died of night terrors associated with sleep paralysis associated with the old hag or the krone effect, and there were similar inexplicable symptoms that were encountered in nineteen Eighty-six by men all over the world around the world. People men young men were dying in their sleep. Now, remember a while ago? I was discussing with you that a lot of men now the mortality rate is higher. With men in midlife, many of them dying in their sleep. And when they die in their sleep. They could be having a heart attack and Arabia or something could happen when they die in their sleep and many times, what's really unfortunate about this many times if they find an opiate or something in their bloodstream, they always say the cause of death is overdosed on opium. Sometimes people take a cocktail at night before they go they had some sort of sleeping pill. They have some sort of pain medication or something to calm them down. Or maybe they do they make a big mistake. They they take too much Nyquil. So that ups the Tylenol level in their bloodstream. But what it does is it creates the weariness effect necessary to keep them in that paralysis state. Which is the old haggard krone effect. Now, not all of these cases of men dying in their sleep. I mean, the men can't say this is how I died. The men can't say, oh, by the way, I got visited by the old hag or Natalie's. Asian men can say the black pig showed up at my doorstep and killed me in my sleep. They don't do that. But, but there are people that do have experiences with a number of characters the black hat man, some hooded figure in their room, the hag the krone the witch sitting on their chest. Some of whom have had sexual relations with these beings or at least in their dreams. They've had sexual relations with men claiming to be raped in their sleep men dying in their sleep from this trauma. Now, the reason why I know a lot about this is because back it was a long time ago. Again, remember the year? But there was a strange case out of St Louis. It was a case of the southside rapist there were there was a series of brutal rapes in Saint Louis, and they went unsolved for many years. Eventually authorities got their man, and what was worried about his case is that I was consulted about what I knew about sleep paralysis and the incubus and suck Uber stories. And the reason why I was I was contacted was because I know many you probably don't even know who this case. I know it's not important because you know, it's not something we're reminded. I mean, we know the Ted bundy's of the world, and and we know that Charles Manson the world, but this guy Dennis rabbit with his name, and he was accused rapist Dennis rabbit. And the reason why I was consulted because you know, I was a guy who had an internet show with ground zero way back when and some people heard my show and Saint Louis, I think it probably is around the time. I did the story about the mill stat UFO incident, which of course, happened in Milstein Illinois kind of found its way into Saint Louis. And so what happened was they get a call? I get told by the police department that this guy Dennis rabbit. Says he's the south side rapist told the police that the reason that he picked out women to rape it random. Was because he was being visited by naked woman. Who claimed he basically claimed that his naked woman would sit on his chest at night. And raped him. While he was sleeping now rabbit plead guilty to his rapes and murders and received five consecutive life sentences. But he claimed visit started happening when he was about twelve or thirteen years old, and it changed his life. And he made a confession about this strange woman that would come to him in his dreams. He claimed were really gets creepy. He claimed that he could see everything on the woman except the woman had no head. So this woman that was.

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