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Not there there's auburn sitting there waiting the suvs can be easy but you know what kurdish marched at georgia up in the right you know they're they're now so those are three monster schools you've gotta get through and run the gauntlet and that's not counting you know if you're playing schedule were mississippi state sneaks up on uh i just think the it's much more difficult to do afford and chip kelly himself as a weird guy you know we're at the final four in arizona myself a a few others out there for cbs sports radio in the night before the final four at a local worm hole and arizona when who happens to be there but chip kelly at you hanging and with us he kind of knows people who we know any sitting there and he's have a couple of beverages and he struck me not that he was our friend and cyber is a very just a weird guy he's kinda in his own world he's that've taken the most personable person in the in the universe very smart offense of mine if you leave alone run a run a football programme he could figure it out of more than figures obviously the guy was an offensive genius in college but when you get down a florida and it's about recruiting those kids yet to think about something you deal of florida state right now in jim bone evidence will on i'll buy that he's gonna texas anm you're dealing with miami and the uh uh of miami now because we're miami's good that's as good as it gets in florida right there and that that turnover change say what you say about it by represents swag it's it's something high school kids were playing football they want aware that turnover chain get our it's such a cool about playing my add plant at miami.

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