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They lose the house. Is there any area that you can identify G where The White House could say, let's assume they lose the house. Where are the Senate comes out and say, there's still something we could do with the Republicans. We could have some bipartisan agreement or basically we have two years of stasis. I think we're going to have two years of stasis. We may see them try to move forward in some smaller areas, say, and this isn't a small area, but say something like Ukraine, where we have seen bipartisan support, but it's going to be hard given where both the liberals are and the conservatives. So those areas they may try, but I think for the most part, we're looking at stasis. But Rick even in Ukraine, they're going to be some sharp pencils brought out to figure out exactly what do we spend this money for and what do we need to spend going forward? You know, look, I mean, Republicans will start acting like Republicans again and actually care how much spending is happening in government. And that will include the packages that are coming from the administration to go to Ukraine. The reality is that all that money is being spent through defense contractors who have facilities and all their districts. And so the reality is, once you really start getting into power, and if the Republicans do win in the house, they're going to have to start acting responsibly. Well, so let's go to some investment advice here, Rick. And I said, that means if the Republicans take control of one or both houses, is that good news for the defense industry? Yeah, I certainly wouldn't short text drawn. In other words, they're supplying an enormous amount of equipment, the big defense contractors to Ukraine right now. When we say we're spending money in Ukraine, it goes to them, they build the missiles and the defensive systems that are being shipped over there, and it's American jobs that are being benefited from that. It's not like the money is actually going to the Ukraine unless it's direct economic assistance, which by the way, nobody is currently complaining about. And what good news could the Democrats get out of this Genie? You know, out of tonight, you mean? Well, I think there are some bright spots. You see Wes Moore, you know, he's likely to be elected governor, for instance. So you do see some bright spots already, even though the voting hasn't started, I think it depends on the margin that they hold the house to. And if they retain the Senate, that's going to be good news. And all of that money in the defense industry, that was under the Democrats. That was under President Biden and the Democrats in the House and the Senate with bipartisan support. I'm sure they'll get credit for it too. We can wish. Thank you so much for Bloomberg political contributors. Rick Davis of stone court capital and Jeannie Chan Zeno of ionia university who will be with us all night long as we cover these midterm elections. Coming up, we're going to go to Georgia for the Senate

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