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The news brought to you by menards our top local story a court hearing this morning in one hour could put iowa's new abortion ban on hold a month before it's set to take effect the new law bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected with the aclu filed a lawsuit saying the law violates constitutional protections declared in roe versus wade opponents subject to other parts of the bill to that requirement of reporting rape within forty five days and incest but then one hundred and forty days is completely out of touch with the reality that survivors of those horrendous crimes must live with francine thomson of the goldman clinic prolife advocates tell who channel thirteen they believe the new law reflects what i want a clear indication of our culture and our state and the shifting we have science on our side and we have the islands on our side that they want to see life protected in our state baggy dewitt of iowans for life a judge will hear the arguments at nine this morning on the request to stop the new law from taking a fact until the lawsuit is settled it could go all the way to the us supreme court a mexican man who's been deported for illegally entering this country was arrested into cora and sentenced thursday to eight months in federal prison year savino ortiz's camario has two months left to serve on his sentence then ice gets him a previous order of removal do likely scenarios they'll do it called reinstate that order removal in other words give it new a fact so that he will be ordered removed from the state that's us attorney for the northern district of iowa peter degan the latest arrest happened in november of last year on traffic charges in fayette county our top national story america's allies are punching back after president trump followed through on his threat to impose steep tariffs on imported steel and aluminum a top european union official called it american protectionism and announced plans to slap tariffs on hundreds of us products mexico and canada have similar plans secretary of state mike pompeo says the top north korean official is bringing a letter from kim jong under president trump today pompeo says things are moving in the right direction to get a trump kim summit back on track there's a billboard campaign underway that seeks new clues into the.

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