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Am your host damon martin. And this week i'm joined by. Ufc veteran invicta veteran and be kfc superstar. Pearl gonzalez pearl. Welcome in how are you. I'm amazing how you on for us. Thank you so much for taking the time Obviously with the podcast where we're talking to fires from all over the place and and we're going to talk a lot of boxing stuff this week. Obviously veto bill ford fighting evanger holyfield tito ortiz fighting anderson silva and last time we spoke of course coming up your big win and your care see you actually told me you were thinking about crossing over nebraska's well yes absolutely. I think that right now. Boxing is You know overall it it's just a really it's really popular. It's i mean. It always has been. But i think crash dovers is is a better way to put that crossovers right now. And he's super fights are just so popular right now and i'm having a blast. I would absolutely love to at some point. Have a pro. Boxing fight Obviously trained now is boxing for bare knuckles. So i'd like to test myself professionally as vaccination in and i'm sure many others are the same way. Yeah we're seeing it so much malicious get into it right now. Talk about this because we've seen it so much lately. Just turn woodley crossover and fight jake. Paul i was at that event. It was so much fun. It was a blast. It was just awesome to be there. The crowd was great. I said it. Before the youngest audience i can ever remember seeing a boxing show It was just a lot of fun. Obviously we've got you know You know vitor belfort about to make his. Boxing return actually had a fight years ago. But i'm kind of saying his return this weekend for a vendor holyfield. Get tito ortiz. Fighting anderson silva anderson of course had an incredible performance early this summer. And i think it's i don't know it's weird like all of a sudden is happening all the time and i'm kind of i don't know i'm not sure if it's like there's a there's an interest obviously there's an interest in doing it and i think a lot of fireside interest just like fighters who are wrestlers. They want to win olympic gold in wrestling. And they wanna win golden mma. They also there are people who are interested in boxing. Who loved the challenge of doing. I'm here chris. Lytle did it. Years ago he went over and crossed over and did boxing and have fun with it. But we're seeing it so much more lately. Obviously there's a money factor. We can't deny there's going to be money made some of these big fights but it's also a lot of people are just interesting to do. I don't know what do you think birlik. Why are we seeing so many mixed martial artists suddenly so just the opportunities there like what is it. I believe it's the opportunities that are there. I think that right now especially after going through the pandemic and and having kind of a halt to everything you know. I think us as competitors me as a competitor. Personally i can sneak from. I need competition. I want competition. And if there's an opportunity to present itself in another area of my sport which is press prominently ben. Mma you know. I can work on my striking in my stand up in the opportunity presented itself here with with bare knuckle and so i moved into boxing and i think that there are fighters to that may not be able to grapple. That may not be able to do. I may or just would like a change. A change of and it says the their scales in another way. And that's the beauty of our sport. Mma is there's so many arch. There's so many pieces to the puzzle that you need to get inside of there and compete in mma. Enzo you know taking a portion of that taking one piece to the puzzle and working in focusing on that i think is what to me. Sounds like is intriguing about it I could see celebrities that you know. Just the who are also athletes. I'm sure and competitive. In their own nature can watch test themselves in something like boxing and it is. It is a lot safer in boxing than it is in. Let's say emma may not you don't have to learn the grap laying and and the balance and everything else that comes into it. You can focus on one skill and so. I think that that is why we're seeing more and more of these fights. It's funny you say that because what i'm about to say is going to piss off every boxing on the planet right now and i don't mean this offensively two boxers but the reality is a mixed martial artist who has all the skills striking grappling wrestling all that. It's easier for them unless say easier it's easy. I'm saying it's easier for them to go crossover in the boxing. Because you're already boxing now. Obviously it's a different thing. I'm not saying that you know tire would going over and boxing canal alvarez that would be such incredible mismatch and canal is the one of the best. What i'm saying going over just like boxing. Jake paul or going over and boxing. We're seeing some of these other matchups. vitorino his age. He's boxing evander. Holyfield was gonna box oscar de la. Hoya he's not boxing. Tyson fury But i think it's easier for mixed martial artist to say you know what i'm gonna take out all these other things i'm gonna stop doing the grappling going to start doing the wrassling. I'm just going to focus on boxing. Boxing is something every mixed martial artist does anyways. Maybe not to the level of you know fighting professionally. But they're doing it anyways it's easier to cross over new and there's a reason why you're not seeing the reverse. You don't see boxers. You don't see cannella thing you know what i feel. I going over and fighting in a ufc. Because i really feel like getting choked out next week. That's just it's just not going to have this. It doesn't happen that way because there's so much more to learn it's so much harder to transition from any other sport. I mean you could say wrestlers have the greatest base and i believe wrestlers typically had the best base for mixed martial arts. But there's no guaranteed a success. Ed ruth who is a phenomenal college wrestler. You know he came over. He said several losses in ballots..

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