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The people who want to turn right on red on And to me, that's just selfish. Lack of planning and the other big issue is our environment because they're just sitting there idling and many of them are not writing and electric or hybrid vehicles. So That's a big check teeth. And the second one is all the trash that people are throwing out of their cars, or even more specifically, some of the people who have actually seen him throw out. Other cars, but you know it's being coming out of the pickup truck that and I'll pick up medians trash in my neighborhood. Several times a month, and it's 30 years came to see the same old stuff around. What's your address to pick up? What's your least favorite kind of tracks to pick up? My least favorite is a Bottle of Plastic bottle of soda. Or something like that, Because it's so heavy and I'd drive. I'm dragging my trash can along, eh? So that's the real tough thing. I don't like taking up the masks that people drop, but I use a exam for And I wear gloves, so I don't touch anything but also metal pieces that, um You know, can puncture holes in my plastic bag When I'm anything, carry it back to my my heart. Don't mess with Texas people. Janine can only pick up so much. You can only cover so much territory. I need everybody else getting out there and doing the same thing. Because it's been easy thing to do to help clean up our neighborhoods and make Houston beautiful. A great sentiment on which to wrap up this discussion, Janine Thank you very much for the call. I hope you found this cathartic whether you shared a peeve with us or not, If there is something that cannot wait until the next time we do this, please email it to us now at talk at Houston matters, Dog. Renda Valdivia is a producer with Town square. Craig Labbadia's the social Media manager for the Houston Museum of Natural Science, Brandon, right, thanks very much. Thank you. Thank you..

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