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Been rolling for four to six months. I think probably has an advantage over the guy who's been learning the technique skill etc etc in that timeframe. And so. I think people will see that and believe that. Oh it doesn't work because they're looking at it from a short timeframe. Well let me answer a great question so to keep in mind number one. Neither one of those two people are gonna fight each other after six months of bj practice first of all the fight. That's going to happen. In the street number one both of them are gonna be pitted against some third party. Who doesn't knows youtube because ninety nine point nine nine zero and they're going to both go there and do their thing now. The students have just been learning a self defense learning how to address strikes distance. Measure may not have the intensity that the student i acknowledged that but they will have understandings of distance and strike protection that have never been taught. I've had brown does come to me from international. Come up with you. never done. Ever jujitsu striking zero. And i put on just log loves jitsu but punches are allowed to be touched. We call street scoring. So we're just lately and i can't tell you how these students who've never ever had a strike them in their lives how they absolutely frees up at brown the white belt sometimes so the one guy with six months of white belt that worse learned seventeenth. Four guards fars every day. One stores everything off so the point is both of them against that. Third party are going to be only moderately prepared because it's so fresh so new then fighting each other isn't concerned because they're not gonna fight they see each other the club and you. I do paper. Where do you train okay cool. That's awesome. I love to jitsu. So they're not even the years the only fight that matters ryan the only fight that matters is if you get a hundred people and you put them in the bucket of learning jujitsu in a structured comprehensive mentally stimulating rewarding and fun way. Were they love coming to class every day. Safe environment encouraging building the confidence not tearing it down. If you put one hundred people in that bucket ninety five will be there after six months if you put one hundred people in the alternative bucket. Five will be there after six months. So you have to understand ryan. I'ma playing checkers year. I'm playing. Chess is a whole different understanding about how we need to address the problem of teaching the world jiu jitsu and here's the bigger fight and conservative the night. The one hundred people that he put in a crazy. We'll call it trial by fire. Jujitsu bucket which is the ninety was the most common one hundred put in that bucket when the ninety five quit in the first six months they lose faith in jiu jitsu. Not just that school so now those. Jj schools were doing it. This way are not just losing the opportunity. More money more students more business. More impacting the community. They didn't just lose all of that. They robbed ninety five of those students from the relationship. Lifelong relationship with ju jitsu and that's right take effects. And that's why i'm so outspoken. About this because i go look if you're oblivious to a better way and you're doing it poorly fine but once you become aware that you protect students for twelve months and then you add onto the rough and tumble once. They know the basics. Let them at least learn the basic sixty four thrown to the wolves. That's all i'm saying. So anyone advise against that basically saying they don't care who stays on the ju jitsu boat they just care that the ones that stay the or the officials added one hundred are the most savage beasts in the world. My point is that don't even need you jitsu. Yeah they're gonna date. They've already got the athleticism. They've got the the football players the rugby players the high school wrestler. The reality is they're going to be okay regardless those the five hundred right and presumably you like lettuce like sports like doing garbage. It's wrestled in high school. I played through just another. No you wrestle. But i just drag is called that ryan. What does that need. There are patterns to this after thirty years in america. Must doing this. There are patterns. And there's no wonder you barely survived because you had wrestling experienced a fall back on to keep you alive during those savage first twelve months. And hey congratulate you proud. You're like man. I survived it. So here's the problem if you would open a school tomorrow as a purple belt under probably open a school. You're going to say yeah. I'm so proud of the savagery. That i survive as a white well could not dare create anything other than that environment for the white belts who are gonna trust me to lead them. I'm gonna create celia london feel that too but yeah it's almost like a right of passage like the sorority or fraternity is like hazing. Like you went through it so you want them to suffer to. Here's the point ryan. I went through the wolf. Pack to when i was born wasn't the worst of the worst. I bet one of your family the eighties and night as a kid in the eighties as a young adult in the nineties and in the two thousand when by my dad better truckers who had not cracked this code yet. Because this is something that you did it in the mid. Two thousand is two thousand and two dozen four. It doesn't so before we figure this out as you're our black belts. I'm a product of the savagery. But i know this. There's not one person. Today who trading that started with me when i was seven years old and gets classes or learn years old or when i was seventeen years old those people are gone because only the few surviving. I'm telling you right now. I don't show this often. But if i could create would i tried like twelve times i tried. Is that because of your family that you thought it couldn't cut it because it sucked so bad the feeling of getting annihilated so frequently by Trade partners with no consideration of teach. This it was just a frigging mosh pit of negative experiences that as especially twelve thirteen. Fourteen years. Old at sucks. So bad. That i just didn't want to do it and then of course i didn't have a choice. I would go home cry after class and then you have to go back to class and then it's like you have to go. I'm like i don't want it. No you have to go right. This is one tracy's do you. Don't yet we just go to class. You're going to sit home and play your games note. We couldn't even afford them back. Then so you just go to class. Sold them when it is on their choice. And here's the thing. Eventually i started teaching at thirteen have been first private student. His name robert mendoza junior and the kid was getting bullied. He would spy and i helped him..

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