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Who said he wanted to be biologist. We were in the seventh grade. And i was like biology people but sometimes i wonder did he meet someone to someone. Push him in courage him to do that. And so i've always said if someone says you know fly to the moon go for it. And i don't wanna go up but if you wanna go find out a way to get there right. Those he's going catch on board always tell people until that eighteen year old to keep doing to keep going. stay in motion. Trust yourself in leaving yourself when you hear that voice is. Judy says this this trail may not be for me changed a trail. But don't change you make sure you grow and then you have to breathe. I think as three black women here who are successful and have so we do have debris we have to take care of ourselves so we have to get. I want one last thing about eighteen year. Olds they have so much power in their hand technology. Yes my cellphone does have h you. You know on it was mom. They have so much power in these devices in. Look at you know what ella frazier was able to bring forth through..

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