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The first full day of major league action is today and thirty five year old John Lester won career-high eleven road games. Last season. Takes this afternoon's opening day. Start for the cubs against the Rangers. On the road in Arlington, Texas Leicester's making his third straight opening day. Start for the cubs will oppose the Rangers and Mike minor just after three o'clock Rangers were sixty seven and ninety five last season. The cubs coming off a season ending wildcard game loss and still posted four straight ninety plus seasons. White Sox royals at three fifteen in Kansas City game one with an AccuWeather forecast in case of a high sixty seven, but maybe some rain and thunderstorms around the start of the game Carlos showdown against Brad Keller, the socks in royals and the first of a three game or to start the season this afternoon. Portland drills will call clean through the shorthanded goals. One eighteen ninety eight sack Levin Puerto junior and Chris Don Talbot nagging injuries. Last night may not suit up in any of the set. Last six games Lauri Markkanen out the rest of the season with extreme fatigue, including a rapid heart rate other tests coming back normal. The team says on Markkanen and the bulls suit up at practice tomorrow now workout today, it will host Toronto Saturday night. And CW tournament action. Four games the seasoning out of the Sweet Sixteen Purdue Tennessee, Virginia, Oregon and the south region in the west region, Gonzaga, Florida state, then Michigan against Texas Tech and linking the Blackhawks play late in San Jose nine thirty start for a hawks game that said seven points behind Colorado for the eighth and final playoff spot with six games to go and behind three other teams, they add a line speed Vegas last night. Four three wolves playoff tickets for the call to Cup playoffs. Go on sale at eleven AM, the fire introduced new midfielder, Niko guy. Tom at an afternoon. News conference seatgeek stadium and bridgeview the fire practicing next hour for New York town Saturday afternoon, and they're welcoming Nico guy tan Dell technologies matchplay championships second of three days around Robin play. Tiger Woods won his opening match faces brand snicker underway. Next hour. Dustin Johnson to see Justin Rose both in action this afternoon on the whole.

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