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And I see a total disregard for what's going on in the world around them. It's very disheartening. So far, 28 states Washington D C and Puerto Rico have issued Mask Mandate World Health Organization again posting a single day record of new covert cases over 250,000. Violence between social justice protesters and police in Portland, Oregon, has been going on for weeks. Federal agents stepping in some accused of abusing their power, state officials want them out. So for rights attorney and ABC News legal analyst Areva Martin Olsen doesn't have the right to simply target someone picked them out of a wild and decided to detain them to take them into a federal building to interrogate them when there hadn't been any crime in the evidence of a crime being committed to long time, civil rights leaders are dead Congressman John Lewis and Reverend C. T. Vivian someone who worked with both Andrew Young Congressman Marabh, Atlanta, U. S ambassador to the United Nations Young with this message for young protesters in the streets today. It's not once you know the summertime you're going to save the world Now. This is a lifetime commitment. To deal with the problems of the world without hatred without violence, and knowing that I loved and prevail over all, Lewis was 80. Vivian was 96. Listening to ABC News. I've always thought you 277 CV and Beauty and Jamil walk from the Essex Wealth Management studio. This is he was radio. W. T. M. J..

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