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Jiemin caver Sadi's AM g driving performance, by the way hockey Wednesday night. It'll be Eastern Conference foes, it'll be the lightning taking on the Pittsburgh Penguins. Wednesday at eight eastern on NBC NASA Reggie Allah wishes Miller junior. The third will join us coming up top of the are Michael Irvin. Will join us as well. I just. Saw this Bryce Harper. Here's the rumor, and that is that he is perhaps signing with the Phillies today as early as today. Vegas has taken the odds of where Harper's going to go off the board. Strong indication that if it's not one hundred percent done than it might be close. We talked to Bob Nightingale how how long ago was that eight weeks eight weeks ago? Bob said it's a done deal. Foregone conclusion that Bryce Harper's going to the Phillies, and then we had all of this posturing here with teams, and then you had owner saying that they didn't want sign somebody a long term contract. Then you had agents who are upset saying there's collusion. I don't know. How long this deal is with the Phillies, but I would never sign any of these players for anything longer than five years. So when these agents say, whether it's collusion look at all of the deals that have been seven eight nine ten years and tell me one that worked out they never do and this one won't either. Although you got a better chance at getting him at twenty five to thirty five Giancarlo Stanton with the an Qi's that's not going to end, well and whoever signs Manny Machado chances are that's not going to end. Well, either. I mean look at the angels. They're still on the books there. You know, you're you're bringing in these guys and they're going to be forty two and you're spending thirty million dollars on them. Yeah. Mclovin. I wanna point out. There's no real reporting. But these are these are mostly Philly sites saying that the Vegas. They put the Phillies up by their odds increased by twenty percent to win the World Series last night. So, hey, if Bryce Harper goes Vegas thinks Bryce Harper's go in the Phillies, but there's no real reporting. Okay. Yeah. But it is interesting to me that it's already the end of January sprint trainings in about twelve days now, and there's been no movement on Machado or or Bryce Harper. If an agent says it's ten years, it's ten years in its four hundred million dollars a team has to have some financial sanity where you go. No. I want five years. So who do you who who do you blame here the agent who's asking for ten years or the team that says, you know, what we started to look at all the other players who signed these long term contracts, and boy those were stupid owners. Maybe we're. Not stupid. And I don't think there's collusion. I just think it's only a couple of teams willing to be this dumb to spend that kinda money. Maybe that's why it's taken so long for Harper and Machado, and there's probably a smaller group interested in Machado. Busy hour coming up. Final hour on the program. Reggie Miller on the Anthony Davis. Rumors seventy Sixers Lakers coming up tonight, and then Michael Irvin. The playmaker will join us here in the man K two hours in the books. One more to go. The biggest Sunday of the year.

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