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Wait till Monday be strong. Be strong. We do have a few more opportunities to chat yet. We all right stocks yesterday up. Good up, along with energy companies after the attack onto oil tankers sent oil sharply higher. The Dow industrials up nearly one hundred two point four tenths percent. ESPN four tenths percent. The NASDAQ was up six tenths percent oil itself jumped as much as four and a half percent, boosting shares of Exxon Mobil, Hessen Phillips right now. The oil is coming down a little bit. And so we're fifty two dollars a barrel. Right. We'll get the number on retail sales for may is this just brick and mortar as everything on this is just brick and mortar, really those those we down. Okay. And then let's see what else do we talk about here. Much ring to. Oh. Chewy. Chewy. Chewy chewy starts trading today. Not the Mexican chain. No, not the Mexican chain, which I've never heard of CHU is the Jewish here. The unlike pet food and accessories retailer across the street, a wholly owned subsidiary of PetSmart. They sold forty six million shares yesterday at twenty two dollars each that was higher than they expected. They're looking for seventeen to nineteen dollars, they go public to start trading today. Petsmart research suggests pet parents continue to spend even in times of economic uncertainty apparently during the recession overall consumer spending fell. However. However, they have a great jalapenos. Increased by twelve percent. I really do think that. You should try the creamy jalapeno is pretty good. I wonder if they, they would send it to me. Could you could a good guy?.

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