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Sportscenter allnight ESPN radio and the ESPN app Hello there Mark Robins got things going but we talk about baseball. In the tight races that are, around baseball now in the American League east you can't really call it a tight. Race, between the Red Sox and the Yankees however the Yankees are beginning to creep up a bit on Boston. And, Saturday was a day that that gap well it got a little bit shorter and well it was reduced by a little more than normal because the Yankees were playing to. In Baltimore and enga- one. Ball Wando strikes here's, the pitch wackadoo center well-struck volunteers back racing looking outta here Miguel at all All just to the left, it at four ten marker in center field His twenty first just like that the Yankees chop it is. Five to John chombiono ESPN radio was also on ESPN, plus the Yankees take the opener now in the nightcap after the Yankees, scored ten in the opener only half as many runs for New York but it's still going to be more than, enough cups a three one Way Scores He's going to hold up single John. Carlos Stanton the Yankees lead four I've won. The Yankees get the. Double dip sweep meanwhile down in Tampa that's where the. Red Sox were taken on the race workman's. First pitch is lifted into center field it's going to. Back up bets, trek.

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