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A really good first hour and a really good second hour. Welcome back or welcome to the program. I am Jim Rome live in southern California. And the program is brought to you by rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Rocket mortgage is with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience. You wanna take part go and do. So you've got your phone number use it for me on Twitter do that. He wanna Email me. Go ahead and do that. I always any time though, we are right in the middle of the NHL playoffs. One of my favorite times a year. So we are joined by an NBC hockey analyst a scout. And an assistant coach with the penguins and part of the organizations backed back Stanley Cups. He also spent time with the Wailers and senators organizations. He is a sports EMMY award winner named his member of the Hockey Hall of fame selection committee last year. My guest is Pierre McGuire Pierre too so good. Have you back in the jungle? How are you? Awesome. I'm doing great. Thank you, very much Pierre one of my favorite traditions at this time of year is not just to talk hockey with you but to travel so where have you been in the past week? And where are you going this week? I've been in Columbus. I've been in Tampa I've been in Washington I've been in Raleigh. I've been in Pittsburgh. I'm in Raleigh tonight. And if the Washington Capitals win, I will be in San Jose tomorrow. More for game seven if the capital's don't win be in Washington DC, so everything kind of fluid right now, Jim to be honest. You are machine and you nailed it. Like, I knew you would. All right. So why don't we talk about the capital's peer? They beat Carolina six nothing on Saturday. They took a three two series lead. What do you make of how they played on Saturday? And then how much does that impact tonight? The best game. They played in the series by far. They were particularly good through the first four games of the series. And you gotta give some credit to Carolina who was physical. Who was smart that a solid game plan? They did their best to take Alexander Ovechkin. Nick Backstrom and Tommy Wilson out of the series. Unfortunately, that's almost impossible for any team and Washington on Saturday night show. Just how great they are they show championship pedigree on Saturday night. And that's why they dominated Carolina who's kind of new to the party and really inexperienced. I would think this would be a really tall order for Carolina to win game six. But if they do win Jim and forces seven it's not just because of what's going on the ice is because of what's going on away from the with fans there. This is allowed us building in the NHL right now out of Raleigh Pierre McGuire joining us so in terms of their championship pedigree. How does this year's capitals team compared to the one that won the Stanley Cup last year? Not a deep on defense. And part of the problem is Michael camp. Wny's injury got hurt late in the season against the Tampa Bay Lightning. He won't be back. And obviously in game for they lost TJ. Oh, she to a fractured clavicle he had Servian Sunday morning, and he won't be back at the plant. So they're not nearly as deep as they were a year ago. But what they have is. They've got tremendous leadership because they have won before gyms. That's why loot it to the championship pedigree. So Alexander Ovechkin Nick fats kidding nuts off, LARs Eller, Johnny Carlson. These guys have one they'd been through at the inter stand. The torture test that the Stanley Cup playoffs are. And I think they're prepared for that. Even though they obviously lost two major players over the last month and a bit pm Aguire joins us once again superior back to game three when Alex veg can Andres veg, Nicole got into it. What did you think when that fight started? And then when vegetable dropped him the way he did. I had no problem with it. When you sign up to be in the National Hockey League readier eighteen or whether you're thirty five they don't check your birth certificate. Everybody's equal footing. They'd been jousting since gain number one. They also just join the regular season. So it's not something that was a foreign concept. Either player I think both guys mutually agreed to fight as soon as veteran got him with the right hand on the button. I don't know if you heard my call, but I was telling the trainer for Carolina, you'd better get out there because I don't think anybody I was you know, maybe fifteen or twenty feet away from it. I don't think people realize the impact it sounds like a hammer hitting would when Ovechkin got him on the button. And so eventually, obviously specially -ccomplish taking off and he's actually been skating Jim and practicing with a full face shield. I think he's highly doubtful to play tonight in game six, but who knows it's the playoffs Pierre McGuire. My guess who knows I did hear you call. And you were there you saw that he was out before he hit the is. That was really something. Pierre McGuire joining us. All right. So we we move on. The islanders sweat the penguins and other advancing to the second round of the playoffs for the second time in twenty-six years. How press if you've been with the way they handle their business so far phenomenal. It's all about organizational standards. Jim, and what happened was when Lula morale became the president general manager that team you knew right away. There was no more messing around with the boss was he went out and hired a Stanley Cup winning coach and a great coach very trots the implemented a system that would best insulate their goal tending position and their defense. They're really difficult to play against in their own zone. They had guys have really elevated. You're in the course of the year. Josh Bailey's, one of them. Jordan Eberle another one of them unders Lee kinda had a social year. But in the playoffs, he's really elevated. Their defense is come rock-solid. Good. They've got a great reclamation story and Robin lettering goal. These battled demons away from the ice. So quite frankly there in amazing story, but it comes down a simple thing. Jim every pro sports team can implement organizational standards. They have. High standards and they play at high level because Pierre McGuire joins us. All right. So as long as we're talking about first round sweeps PM what John Tortorella and Columbus figure out about the lightning that nobody else could crack in the regular season. What a great question. So it goes back to the last time they played in the regular season. I happen to do the game. Tampa Bay one in Columbus five to one. Jimmy was unbelievable. I was there. But the shots on goal were forty two twenty in favor of Columbus. So they knew that they could dent their defense. And they knew they could attack with pace. So I did every game in that. Here's here's the one deal in game. Number one. Columbus was down three nothing after one period and John Tortorella stuck with his tenor. Sergei Broschi that was number one thing for him to do was great the rest of the series. Second thing. He empowered is defense to get off. So if you look at set Jones, if you look at Zach Renske, and you look at David Savard, those guys were major forces because of John Tortorella turn them loose from defense to offense. The third thing that he did he changed? All right wingers him Atkinson played on a different line. Josh Anderson played on a different line in a made a big difference. In terms of what they were doing offense in the matches for Tampa. And then the third thing that our fourth thing that I thought they did so well, they guy supergrasses Jim on the four check and that frustrated Tampa Tampa had not been Ford checked that the entire season, and they did have at the Pierre McGuire. Joining us right here. Listen, the NHL postseason to me is unlike any other postseason in sports, literally anything can happen. But when you look at this season Calgary lost five one to Colorado and game five mean, they're going to pack their bags after the first round. So what's it say that the top seed in the east and west are both done in the first round. And that they wanna combine one game between them to great question. It's a fair question. So here's my theory on a gym. We have had a salary cap in the NHL since two thousand five or six that season the first year of the salary cap bear the Carolina Hurricanes actually won the Stanley. But since then we've only had one expansion we've only had one expansion to twenty years. So the talent buckets full around the league ever since two thousand three entry draft. We've had amazing good drafts. We really haven't had any poor drafts. So more and more talent is coming into the league. And because of the cap the balance of powers, getting equalize, more and more and more. So that's why the parody in the league is just awesome. It's overwhelming. And you know, people say, oh, it's an easy lead to make the playoffs in because sixteen thirty one teams make the playoffs. Now. It's really difficult league to make the playoffs. And it's unbelievably difficult. We're talking to McGuire. All right. So the athlete recently get a piece on you. But not as a broadcaster. But on you as a father your daughter Justin is going to be a freshman. Dartmouth where she's going to row your son Ryan is playing hockey Belmont hill. Help proud of you are how proud are you a both of them as athletes people all my gosh. I'm so grateful and blessed there. Into sports number one number two that commitment level for autism athletes phenomenal. But to see the commitment level of my daughter particular, and the rowing community is awesome. I system San Diego. Jim. I it looked you up at the San Diego classic watching that boat. Racer the regarding an amazing depend the people in San Diego. Such a good job. I'm I'm really proud of them, obviously, the father, but I can't thank my wife enough because I'm away a lot as you know, and my wife is a superhero in our house. I'm really really grateful for everything that she does with our children. It's novel story, I get that Ellison one of the things he said in the piece was quote, as a father one thing when I was younger in my career broadcasting I would get too aggressive in terms of analysis with certain things now as I watched young players grow up these kids need time to season you have to give them time and be more patient. That's helped me being a parent, and quote, so how much being apparent impacted the way you approach broadcasting, and how much is broadcasting impacted the way you approach parenting. Oh, wow. What a good question convoluted, but very fair. I think I've learned to be more patient in broadcasting. I think I've learned to be more fair. Sometimes you're motions get the best when you're broadcast and get caught up in the heat of the moment, especially where I work you're down low between the benches. You're in the middle of the fray, you're surrounded by twenty thousand people, and it's it's crazy sometimes, but I think you learn to be more subtle you take more time to evaluate decisions. You don't have a ton of time because it's hockey, and it goes really fast. But I think the number one thing when you're doing this, and I've learned it over twenty to twenty one years now as a broadcaster, you learn to be more fair, you give the guy some more times than not the benefit of the doubt on a mistake. Giving a gamble the other night Dougie. Hamilton was in a situation of foot race defensemen for Caroline against Alexander Ovechkin and he knew of etching was coming form. And if this would have been fifteen years ago, I probably would've visited could you bailed out on the play. But rather just show? Let the pictures do the talking. I said he basically bailed out of that rather than making it personal. I just let the play describe itself and people at home can make their own decision. I understand that. I think that I said things on this show fifteen years ago that I would never say right now, it's all part of how we evolve in the way we see things in our perspective he has an embassy hockey analyst. And of course, was a scout and assistant coach for the penguins when they went back to back to win the Stanley Cup. He is a sports EMMY award winner as well and extremely well, travelled, especially this time of year Pierre McGuire Pierre it is so good. Have you back? I always appreciate that. Visit and thank you so much for doing it. All Jim I cannot thank you enough for your passion for hockey, and you love the game and the way support our league and our pliers. I'm just so grateful to be on your show..

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