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For healing. It's a super cool movie. Sanjay's the perfect person to tell the story, and this conversation is amazing. So with that, she we dig into it. Yeah, I wanna I wanna listen to this. How do you feel about how intra wet? I think it went well, the good. I made it easier for me. That's all it was just an excuse for me to talk to you nuts. Great. It was good mad several body out there. Let me let Ikeda. No, you don't have to go. You know, you don't want to beat back a little bit of feedback, but I'm sure they're gonna be like, hey, why? Why? My eye on ritual show gotta mix up the format every once in the afraid to right now, I feel like I'm not to go on a better diet healthy just so I can sit here next to you. That's my, that's my ultimate agenda. Good luck. Right. So this is me and Sanjay raw. So she pronounce it Jay. The sanskrit north Indian pronunciation is Jaya right? We go by Joyo with our daughter. Nice. And we've got a friend who's got a child named giant as well. Cool, though. It seems to be in the in the air and my my name is Sunday, which means a with victory. Oh, I didn't know that the same route Jae Jao cool and sunscreen. My name is Sandra. The loose translation of Gye is victory? Yeah, is is is good word for victory. Right? So where where are your parents from? My dad's good. Your which is on the border of Pakistan west northwestern, India, mama's from address, kind of southeastern tip of India, and when did they immigrate? They met each other in their first jobs in Nigeria, which is where I was born. Oh, you're born in Nigeria while and then they moved to Colorado pretty quickly to teach. My dad had gone to this cool Condescu on the states and worked for the Rockefeller Foundation and Africa, collect indigenous seeds. So that's where the human rights genetic material kicks in for you? I think so. I ran away from it for as long as I just rubber banded you back. Yeah. And the funny thing is like my dad was a geneticist and kicking and screaming ended up working with him on like a tomato genetics company, like all the tomatoes that you get at whole foods. Ones that are in the clam shells from Baha or all his ride. So I kicked and screamed every way possible. And was back in like the most brutally harsh way? Yeah. What do you mean really harsh? I if somebody had told me that I would be following in my father's footsteps when I was like eighteen or nineteen because everything inside you was to do something different to to like I forge- my own path and it's like, you know, following the, we follow the footsteps of those. He'll walk before us right as much as you know. We don't think we do of course, man. So you grew up in Colorado, Colorado and California, Oakland, and then we went to Cal and then Mets, dude, no street in Moi's at Cal. And as soon as I graduated, I wanted to get as far away from like academic rigor and like materialism as possible move to New York where she was based. But you know, I was at four hundred or five hundred dollars per month in terms of my own budget, but. The original impetus to move to New York City was really to be devoted three shin more. Yeah, that's exactly it. Well, what is your parents think of that? They freaked out. They both have PHD's. They're like, you're supposed to be a professor and all my relatives are like, why are you in America? If you wanna follow grew. Two, two phone, Indian girl back. Instead you go to queens, I go to Jamaica queens and for people for, I don't know if you've been to queens but or been to Jamaica other than like on your way to JFK. But it's like bottom of the barrel, New York City. So it's very diverse. Yeah. And written thing was like, don't hide from the world. And so most groups like living coli are Malibu right in queens queens. So I learned fast. It's a trip. I mean, what was it about Shri Chinmoy the connected with you? Why did you feel this poll in high school?.

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