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To share with you literally the easiest way that I know to get from where you're at to where you want to write to so if you care about that you're gonNA WANNA listen in. There are not short of love. I feel like Four Thousand Personal Development Life Coaching Gurus. And have you noticed that seemed like everybody everybody that posts on social media at least ones that I follow all have something to add what I'll say of value to your life and some of the value. They add personal experience. Some of the value they add is from reading a book and maybe sharing it without implementing and some of what they share is just to get you to buy a book a product of course a training a mentorship. Some coaching whatever it would be. I don't inherently care what those people are sharing. Must when you why. I believe that you could read. Need four maybe five personal velma books and have ninety eight percent of what any of us us. I'll put myself in that category would share with you. Those books are not a secret. I'll share them with you in my belief. If you start your reading journey in chronological order you start with a book called the master key system now. I didn't exactly know about this book. I didn't find it actually. Kurt my right hand man here in the office he introduced it to me when you buy it. It looks like a pamphlet. Almost it's really old super easy to read not very you. Its in depth in its simplicity for mayor to me we piggyback. We go to the next step. And that's some of the work from Napoleon Hill. Thinking grow rich a great book. We're Napoleon Hill interviews thing. It's five thousand or five hundred of the most wealthy individuals from the early nineteenth eighteen century and shares the commonalities between them that powerful. It's brilliant. It's an easy place to start then from there we can get into some of the you know the the metaphysical training some of the ideology around consuming the idea that your thoughts do actually become things which is something. That's carried from the master astor key system into Napoleon Hill's work into the work by Tony Robbins into the work by almost everybody the after and there's any number of different teachers mentors books that are associated with that sort of thought process. I happen to enjoy some of Mike. Dooley's work if you've ever heard me reference notes notes from the universe it's T. U. T. dot com subscribe to his men lists. He doesn't spam you. He doesn't do anything. There's a note that comes from the quote unquote universe in your email box. Every morning it's inspirational it's powerful it's perspective it's brilliant and then if we got into modern day times and I say modern day right you have two more books that I think you should heavily consider one being some the work by Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy has some really really powerful books that exist but I think you get into you million dollar habits or things along those lines. They'RE GONNA help. I think those are some things that will actually propel you forward. And then of course awaken the giant within from Tony Robbins or things along those lines. Oddly enough reading books is not going to make you successful crazy right like read all the books you want in hand up in the Air I personally I love to read. I would recommend as a side note googling a speed reading course. If you're someone that likes to physically read books I'll put a little astros there as you're listening you're going to be one of the eight out of ten people that is a visual memory. Memory Recall Learner. Meaning if you don't look at it you're not going to remember it so the whole thought process of well I just listen. Listen to Books Ryan because I don't have time sorry in less. You know for certain you're one you're one of the two people out of ten. That doesn't have to see something into remember it. You're stepping on your own. Why even why even I mean I would say that listening to books is better than listen the garbage on the radio but why it's not how you learn? It's not how your brain works. It's not how those neuro pathways hathaway's are engrained inside of your brain. Hate to break it to you. It's science and scientists necessarily factual but for your nice conversation right now. I'm going to say that it is so reading books won't do you want and a buying speed reading course to read more books more quickly like I did won't do it. Maybe signing up for coaching coaching will do it. Maybe that's where you're thinking I'm taking this. You'd be wrong. There is no call to action here. I'm currently nowhere near pushing anyone designed for coaching. And I'm still going to explain why there's GonNa come a point in your life where you will have digested enough content to realize that the water cooler conversation or the Coffee Pot conversation at the office around the book that you read doesn't mean Shit. It just doesn't the whole library of books that I have aren't worth the weight of the paper. They were written on unless something changes and that something changes is taking actual action from the people that you find to be successful that have put the words on paper and you mimic and Mir what they have done. I love the fact the people I get to spend time with like manner at this book. It's great now. Bring it up two or three weeks later like that book. Okay read. What are you doing with did you? Emblem anything while yeah. I've did I did a couple of the things and let's be honest. I'm not perfect. There's certainly plenty of times where I've read something. I've been motivated by it. I've been excited by it. And then I fall flat on my face. I don't follow up with him. I'm sure if you're being honest honest with yourself. You do the same thing. which eventually pushed me into the conversation around psychology and again how the brain works is he get this false lift? That exists from the minute. You complete reading something. Sometimes it lasts for a day. Sometimes it's for a week sometimes times's for three but somewhere between day one and day twenty-seven you get this momentary dopamine hit and you get excited right you're passionate. You got this. Maybe experience with your New Year's resolutions and then sometime after day twenty-seven you drop the habit and you know why you did event because it wasn't actually a habit quit calling it that it was a false lift. Its at inbetween. Time that they twenty five twenty seven all the way to a sixty five to seventy that I refer to as a chasm of chaos. Because you're not quite the version of yourself that you want to be and it is easier to reach your hand back. Act The old version that you were and so you give up. Something gets in the way you trip up. And it's easier not divert back to the old you than it is to go forward to the new version that you're striving to become and so you just stop. Aren't you tired of stopping. Aren't you tired of having less than you want. I know I have been I know even right now. I don't have have all that I want so I could say there's parts of me. That are tired that I don't have what I'm striving for. And so all this is stemming from a conversation I got to have with my Wednesday mindset matters. Coaching Group and I went through goal. Setting on this call. Spent an hour and twenty five minutes discussing goal. Setting sounds pretty extreme doesn't it. I covered getting into the future right taking some the metaphysical stuff some stuff. From Mike Dooley some of the stuff from life book and physically basically sitting in the moment of silence. Feeling what it would feel like to have the life that you actually want free of constraints and filters here's my ass you in this moment. Have you ever actually done that for yourself. Eliminated what your husband or wife wanted eliminate what your kids want eliminate what you believe. I believe to be possible from the scope of reality that you currently have and just say I want this thing and then sit and feel feel as if you have that thing and that thing doesn't have to be a physical possession while that's one component of goal setting. I believe there are twelve in total. It's going to be things in your bank account. It's going to be relationships. It's going to be free time number of different things that I believe to be important for you as you set goals. None of that matters. If you're trapped in your brain on the how again my Dooley will call the curse house. How am I going to get that? I have no clue look backwards ten years. Do you have any idea how you're going to end up in the moment you're in now. No so stop trying to figure out the how what you're GonNa it now again if we tap back into the visual remember recall part of who we are and how we are when we feel emotionally what it's going to be like or what it is like like to achieve those things we have to write it down. You have to physically in your own handwriting. Stop saying well if I type it no no you need to write it in your own handwriting. Something changes if you don't believe me do some research on it. I'm only sharing what I know works for my personal experience in the the research that I've done you have to write it out. Then you write it out and you say okay. Five years from now by was halfway there. What would have and wild growth is exponential number linear it at least gives you a basis to start to strive drive for then? I take that five year and I divided in the fifths. Get you down to a year and I take that year and I divided into four. which bring you four quarters and I would focus on the initial quarter? That's in front of you but a quarter is not twelve weeks. It's closer to thirteen on our calendar. There's fifty two weeks in the year. Thirteen Times four is fifty two to the reason that becomes important is because as you design these goals were most people trip up are you are. We're not capable in the current moment of making the rapid shift to live this path. This life style pattern that you want to achieve and so while you might get motivated and excited by the goal setting.

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