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Because he put his face in a water and then drowned before removing his face from the water but don't take he's alone here luckily we hear from some other folks like and i have no idea i'm assuming is pronounced lucca luca what what is that lukud b l u c a it's l u c c eh that is a person's first name as lucca at lucca mccallum luck in the calub wisdom sage hippie ish advice see love your life levin here then sometimes i think it's now worth it too kenneth take big risks this out that's a big risk pick your face up benjamin neck he was decrees he was so at one with the universe he didn't realize he was drowned a that's a big risk oh god help you sir how are you still alive what are the small daily reissued take to keep things interesting one mile over in your pre us i mean what what what is it slowdown telling you back to police in this particular instance if clearly it was not say don't do this this thank you hippie in the share of her last name is moon two three more letters in its california when he won really no different than waterboarding hidden or maybe it's a little different it well there's water now that's it that's all of it there's water the that's a big risk and you have law enforcement and to just wandered off a commune who both wanna remind you simultaneously in this particular instance if he clearly was not say don't do this is why was it not safe its water you put your face in your bed your next slightly your faces an in anymore you can get little thing or symbols tutu reminds you keep to be done when he put your face out of there people using the river were temperatures your colder than normal were surprised anyone would attempt at risky move.

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