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This. I don't believe i can't recall anyway. Ever doing more for talent to hopefully get them over that he did for lex in that era. It was extraordinary. That was the focal. Point of the company was lex luger. I haven't media posters. Emerged all this stuff i. I'm fascinated by vents in this dynamic. It almost feels like vince. Sort of sees himself as lex luger. I know that sounds crazy but follow me down the rabbit hole. I believe that. Vince fashions himself as a super patriot. That be fair to say. Oh yeah so am ahead. Hey i'm your hero. A man of the people of about america. I've got this great physique. I can defeat these other guys from these other countries and but he's even forcing the word hero here in the song where he's trying to reiterate. Hey this is our top guy. This is our baby face. He is our protector. He is our superhero. If you will. And i don't know i think a lot of there's a famous story out there that when comes up to the wwf of the very first time. When he meets with patent vince. When vince leaves the room of course. Drc says to pat. What do you think. Because he's sort of explaining this gimmick but he won't tell him what it is and he says. I'll tell you this. If vince were a wrestler this would be his gimmick. And he's about the million dollar man and i feel like eventually if vince where a wrestler he would wanna be this patriotic version of lex luger. He would want all body like fat. Souped-up is that makes sense. Yeah all jacked up looking great. Yes turning heads yes. People look in the airport all those things. Yeah i could see that quite frankly alexis alexis on a good spot. There you know again. It's it's not. I don't we. All these shows like this are podcasts. Podcast in general we we look for the negative sometimes I don't know whose fault it was. So then you almost go right back to the talent. Because could the company have done anything. More conrad To get less over than some of the things they were doing that were very unique in that generation for motion and marketing And we wouldn't be having a conversation like this probably if it had worked if it had worked have been one of the most brilliant rollouts of any pro wrestler ever yeah And it it just it it but it didn't work and i just think that you know some guys are blessed with a they used to say about johnny valentine johnny johnny valentine one of the greatest workers have all time the father greg the hammer all that good stuff it took him longer to quote unquote get over the most guys coming into territory and some would say maybe even a year of his style was deliberate physical somewhat snub say the least. It took him a while to to quote unquote get over. But once he got he was it was evergreen. He was over and it would extend his stay in a territory. And that's what guys looking for. Because they want to able to keep your kids at school same school for more than than normal. They wanted to hear less than their wise or significant others regarding packing up and traveling caused the rest of did a little of that. They went onto the territory and got started working. Which generally the wise take care of the schooling the backing the moving etc so the voice had it easy. They're they're working. They're giving to their own families or often not satisfy so But at this thing at work. Conrad we'll be talking about lex liberals apart and one of the greatest promotional Tactics in history pro wrestler. Yeah the bottom line is at the end of the day as we all know spoiling the ending of the story. Here it didn't get to the level that this had hoped it would it. Wasn't he's going to be are eastern. Be the next hogan level and their approach that really. So who do you blame right. Promotion are this fact. That talent didn't connect. And i believe it's the ladder and that's not a knock on lex. I i'm like you. I've myron elections where he is in his life right now and he's changed. His demeanor has glossies found. Found the lord that he's comfortable and he's happy and that's all that matters if you're happy and he's and he seems to be happy living in a life that a lot of would not have a hard time being happy and so i don't know man i think that i think that At the end of the day the rush to get lex over some talents. React well and our responded to well when they when they got the heavy push yes sucking word again But let's be honest about it at the end of the day. It's going to be the town that connects to the audience. And and lex had that had an issue there and i think we force fed him a little too much. Where you start getting that backlash think about how The perfect baby face push us or for the rock rocky ni- via and shit all over it too much. Let me up. And i think that's kind of where we were. Lexus was in a let me up situation that you know everybody was going full speed ahead here. We go and.

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