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The scots warm things up on january 25th by celebrating the birthday of their favorite son poet robert burns folk singer jim malcolm recommends going to a burns night supper if you're invited it's just all the good stuff people wear the kilts plea bike pipes people drink whisky the hike is the dance the sing the tell jokes homegrown poet and playwright told a special place in the hearts of the irish wb eight help start dublin's abby theater gave ireland its voice in the early 20th century he can of reinvented ireland almost at a time when we were in a very don timely just after the famine william butler yeats give us a pride back and explore the places that inspired mystery writer agatha christie at her home town in turkey southernengland not only being a bestselling author but having so many accomplishments as well one of which incidentally was being a very charming accommodating and loving grandmother meet agatha christie's granza and celebrate the birds of ireland and scotland on today's travel with rick steve's that people of ireland and great britain hold a special place in their hearts for the poyton authors who told the stories of their lambs today on travel with rick steve's will get in the spirit of robert burns day like they do in scotland and the grandson of mystery writer agatha christie takes us into her world and the south of england and takes your calls at eight seven seven three three three seven four to five for such a small country ireland's literary impact is profound poet w b yeats was the first irishman to win the nobel prize and literature beckoned linked team 23 as we're about to find out gate poetry also helps set the stage for the newly independent republic of ireland the only place i've ever seen a poet working as a street pescar was in dublin never forget this guy he was like a street musician but he did poems by request only in ireland what is it about poetry in general that the irish are so enthusiastic about to explore that and specifically the poetry of wb gates we're joined by berry maloney and steve.

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