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Of the days the dark days of the judges comes a love story. That gleams seems like the brightest diamond. It's the greatest love story of the old testament it begins this win elimelech and they owe me because there is no longer bread in the house in bethlehem. There is a famine they make the business decision to move to moab now. That's a tragic decision because moab meads fornication occasion. It's a place of death. It's a place of utter destruction and they move there and then elimelech elect dies then the two sons die they were married and so there are now the precious wife naomi meaning grace and beauty and the two daughter-in-law's orfa and ruth orphan meaning stiff necked ruth meaning friend and companion it and then the word comes in this desperate situation without the finances to take care of her daughter in laws. There has to be a change and naomi hears. Here's it there is bread once more in the house of god in the house of bread welcome to pilgrim's progress. I'm ray greenlee from the national chapel. I wanna share this love story with you because it's much more than just a love story. It is the i love story of jesus christ for his people. It is a parable. It is a true story but it it is also a parable. I wanna share the depth of that parable with you today. Nail nail me urges the two daughter-in-law's to leave her and go back to their land into their gods. They have walked to the edge of moab on the kings highway. Naomi now intends to go on alone with tears with great sadness or for the stiff necked one decides to go back to her people and her gods. She is going back to paganism. She is not going to allow. You're the covering of god in her life and she disappears from history ruth on the other hand. It has a book of the bible named after her amoah bias forbidden by moses for any israelite to marry komo abide us they were enemies but now ruth is not willing to go back to her people in her gods instead she makes this incredible vow in ruth the first chapter i'll begin begin reading with verse sixteen but ruth replied. Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from immu. Were you go. I will go where you stay. I will stay. You're people will be my people and your god. My god awed were you die. I will die and there. I will be buried. May the lord deal with me. Be it ever so severely dearly if anything but death separates you and me this incredible vow of love comes comes out of a heart of faith and patience and forbearance and good temper. It comes out of an incredible love that she has for now me naomi's embittered because her husband and her sons they've all died. She has nothing she is left in abject poverty but that does not turn the heart of this precious daughter-in-law away. She loves naomi with all our heart. Love love is tested when times become difficult most people when times become very difficult bailout and they say this is not for me. I wanna life. I want to have children. I wanna go my own way and so back they go to their old stuff without the compassion and the love and the self-sacrifice vice most feel entitled. They'll take all they can take and run not ruth. Ruth is of the different stripe. Her heart is utterly given to love we read yesterday. I corinthians thirteen. I urge you read today perfectly quietly before the lord read about what paul said concerning love in first corinthians corinthians the thirteenth chapter now mayo may realizes that ruth is determined to go with her regardless of what what happens ruth knows that she will not probably we will accept it in this new land because they hate more bites. I'm sure the two women talked at length about this. She was forewarned and they walked onto bethlehem them once they arrived in bethlehem. The whole town was stirred. They said can this be naomi. Don't call me naomi. She told them call me. Mara because the almighty has made my life very bitter i went away full but the lord boorda's brought me back empty the judgment of god fell upon her husband and her sons and their now dead and they only has nothing she is stripped bare naked will starve to death if something doesn't doesn't change in the land of bread but i wanna tell you in the land of bread. There is redemption. I don't care how barren you feel today day and i feel very barren. Then i praise god there is a kinsman redeemer but don't let may get ahead of my story. They arrive in bethlehem just as the barley harvest is beginning now. Naomi has a relative on the husband's side amana standing. His name is boaz and ruth the moa by this says d._n._a. Omi let me go to the fields and pick up the leftover grain behind anyone. Who's who's is. I find favour now this. This is hot sweaty work. It's astonishing to me. That ruth loves naomi to such a degree that she's willing to go without an humble herself to the lowest position of a servant piercing her fingers with those sharp straws ause causing blood to flow causing her hands to be sore. She's willing to go out and do this for her. Precious mother in law aw naomi is not strong enough to go out and do this but roof can do it so she begins to go to a field and there she asks permission before she enters the field. She could have just walked in and assumed i have the right. There's there's no sense of entitlement in this person ruth. There's no selfishness in her heart. There's no demand that she be respected. She is humble submissive. She will soon be filled with the presence of god she works in this field and boaz arrives from bethlehem and he greets harvesters and he asks ask the foreman who young woman is this and the foreman answers. She's the moa by who came back from moab with nail me now he could just as easily run her out of his field and say i don't wanna mo- abide us in my field but he doesn't do that. It's reported now that naomi her precious ruth is is in the field and his work from early morning until now except for a very short rest in the heat of the day boas goes to ruth and says my daughter listen to me. Don't go and gleaming another field. Don't go away from here. Stay here with my servant girls. There's an indication already. His hard is being drawn by this faithful beautiful young woman woman. Watch the field where the men are harvesting and follow along after the girls. I've told the men not not to touch you and wherever whenever you're thirsty go in and get a drink from the water jar that the men have filled oh he's now extending to her her the the shalom courtesy to a mobile us assess astonishing. She bows down with a face to the ground and she says why have i found such favourite in your eyes that you notice me a foreigner. I wanna ask a question. Why have you found such favor in the eyes of jesus while you're a foreigner. A gentile boaz replied. I've i been told all about what you've done for your mother in law since the death of your husband in other words i've been told about the great love you have for nail me how you left your father and your mother and your house la your homeland and how you've come to live with the people you did not know before. May the lord repay you for that. May you be richly rewarded by the lord the god of israel under whose wings you have come to take refuge each. This love story is based on ruth making the decision to come under the wing of almighty.

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