Mike Pence, William Kristol, President Trump discussed on The Brian Lehrer Show


A tweet from icon a conservative columnist william kristol saying he trusts that mike pence has prepared a transfer of power draft document based on the twentyfifth amendment how littoralis william kristol being without tweet and how much is he as you know and never trump conservative from the beginning just taking broad shots at the president the latter um the the likelihood of trumping um removed from office by the twentyfifth amendment is very low it's it's it's kind of a i i'm thinking about it at a broader way to to address the president's fitness but um as you said to two to use the twentythird amendment requires the majority of the cabinet and the vice president to vote for that he's not fit physically or mentally you to occupy the office um look at the photo ops from camp david over the weekend it was trump flanked by a large number of his cabinet members with the vice president standing next to him there's no sign that dave lost confidence in him or that they would turn on him right now so um the question i looked at when i was reading the article is is this just a fantasy of the hard core ever trumpers like bill crystal and liberal fantasists who want any reason to get rid of donald trump or is there something more here and i think there is something more here in that democratic senators and congressmen and one republican senator met with business psychiatrist to to get a fuller understanding of picture of the dangerousness of donald trump and what his actions means for the future of our country and she her findings are that he's unraveling under the pressure of the job and it's going to get worse and so i think that what's more interesting than will mike pence and the cabinet turn on trump is what is the what appeals thinking oh like how seriously or they taking um their concerns about his fitness for office um well i wanted to add yet you're you play that clip of tom pale defending the president um you know i've noticed this is a common theme that that trump surrogates do when he's under attack during the campaign when he was under attack for um you know accused of more than a dozen women of unwanted sexual advances in the stalls ivanka came out to talk about her personal experience as his daughter promoting her in the company treating her as an equal.

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