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Of users at once so programmatic. Sse is what we've built a publica support. The scale of programmatic in unnecessary. I contact how. Can i be used to stop fraud and see tv. While the sai server is the entry point into monetization but also to the streaming of content right. It's the server that delivers a seamless. Stream of contemplates adds to the end device. So by securing the server we make it incredibly difficult for fraudsters to spoof content or to spoof ads and potentially the holistic server altogether. So that's why publica is actually working with the tech lab on a new cryptographic security standard to help with tv fraud prevention by essentially leading the. Ssi serger offense with end ity downstream to guarantee that the impression has been delivered in the right environment by the right system all right that's been anterior co founder and ceo publica. Ben thanks for your support. Absolutely thank you. And.

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