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He was advising the administration according to a cnn source familiar with those conversations it was also talking about a possible role with the white house that was discussed though it was never though it never materialized in november two thousand seventeen after all these meetings kushner companies was given at one hundred eighty four million dollar loan by apollo global management that loan is three times the size of their average property loan according to the times in addition citi group lent kushner companies in one of its partners three hundred twenty five million dollars for a different project alone may last spring after which kushner met with citi group chief executive michael corvette a spokesman for apollo said the loan went through the standard approval process citigroup says it see it was not involved in the transaction and never discussed it with jared kushner a spokesman for kushner's attorney told cnn quote mr kushner has met with hundreds of business people during the campaign transition and indeed ministration to hear ideas about improving the american economy he has added role in the kushner companies since joining the government and is taken no part of any business loans or projects with or for the companies after that we should note kushner remains part owner of the company that got the loan from apollo after he met with the head of apollo in his official white house capacity and jared kushner owns a stake in the entity that got the loan from citi group after which he met with the ceo of citigroup in his capacity as a white house official now this report is just the latest calling into question kushner's ability to function in his position as senior advisor but sources tell cnn kushner is planning to stay and the white house reaffirmed that the president wants him to let's go now to cnn's pamela brown family we've seen many tumultuous weeks at this white house is there any sense among allies of president trump this time all the tumbled everything going on with jeff sessions with the market today with jared kushner with hope.

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