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The city double cashcard present tips for watching sports with your friends number five et passionate all shouting what i would have done on that left way i am ways you invested in this check it out i'm completely overreacting so you know i care wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant the city double cashcard does it that you are double cash with one percent when you buy in one percentage you pay the city double cashcard double means double leaf guy in this week's northern from adam podcast we sit down with the man about to go to the pro football hall of fame in cana man why had the pleasure and honour of covering for every single plate 3's nfl career and a man who had the privilege of writing my very first book with spending weeks with him badgering him harassing him and i gotta badgering harass one more time to call enough to do this podcast to talk about his hall of fame career the injuries that marred what would have been numbers that would have been even bigger than they already wore his memories of taking the denver broncos to backtoback super bowls and now he is on the threshold of being inducted into the pro football fame without further ado the former denver broncos running back current nfl network analyst and my friend than co author terrell davis he di fish editor a it is a pleasure and is an honor.

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