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Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Now George Wallace is here to cheer us up with some commanders news. Don't put that kind of pressure on me. I don't have any good news to cheer you up with that. The season's over, how about that eliminated officially eliminated from playoff contention after a loss yesterday and then the packers being the Vikings yesterday afternoon. So one more game left against Dallas. We don't know what time that's going to be yet. We'll hear from Ron river in about 15 minutes and we'll see what he has to say about yesterday. And who may start a quarterback next week. I bet she doesn't tell us today. Mike rabel has an answer that Josh does will start for the Titans in the game against the Jaguars for the AFC south title next weekend Alabama. Quarterback Bryce young among those declaring for the draft, the 2021 Heisman Trophy winner. And NCAA men's basketball, the new poll is out today, a Purdue Houston Kansas Yukon and Arizona the top 5 Yukon falls to four. Virginia is at number 11 this week. Navy just underway with holy cross, American takes on Loyola Maryland coming up at the top of the hour and the women's side, Maryland up to 13th this week, they visit Rutgers at 2 o'clock this afternoon. The tennis legend Martina Navratilova Navratilova announces that she is battling throat and breast cancer, the 18 time Grand Slam champ will begin treatment later this month. Capitals news, Nicholas backstrom out of COVID protocol, he can begin practicing. And then John Carlson, however, is going to be a long-term after taking that puck to the head back on December 23rd. He was placed on IR on the 27th, and the coaching Peter lobby lets it today is going to be out long term. Could be months. I hope to have him back by the playoffs. He did go to the hospital, was checked out and released, but that is the good news, but he's going to be out for a while. As well as to be able to be sports. Thank you, George, one 17. Breaking news on WTO, the man accused of attacking police with a machete near New York's Times Square on New Year's Eve has been arrested 19 year old Trevor bickford faces attempted murder and attempted assault charges. Bickford is in the hospital, police shot him in the shoulder during the confrontation, law enforcement official tells The Associated Press at the investigators are looking into whether he was inspired by radical Islamic extremism. The attack happened about two hours before midnight on Saturday just outside the high security zone where revelers were getting ready for the ball to drop there's an area where people were being screened for weapons. Police say two of the officers were struck with the machete before bickford was shot, both are expected to recover. It is one 17 a WTO

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