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Good. It sounds sounds delicious. Alright what are you drinking on. Thank you three. Bows ready to hear this. Is there is collaboration. From the harlem bruce south and evergreen brewing Nineteen forty-six this is up. Lager with is one of the that event you did yet. i miss it. This was also in the in the pac but only scored one can of it. I didn't get the case this at At a so this is my first time and and other. No the i b. We tasted a festival. Four yeah i this. I think traditional traditional logger. I don't think i can really taste the orange peel. I like jump at me more. I think on the back end. I think maybe not serve some artist but on the front of a lot without loggerheads. They put like any type of fruit and a logger. Always on the back end is at the forefront using hard smell it in a little bit not too much. Not yes this is the cam but this is a five two percent a debate and it just asks them the significance of nineteen forty six is a tribute attributes. More than ten thousand courageous blackley tobacco workers in eastern north carolina. Who cast her. Earth's boat in operation dixie for better working conditions and better pay a precursor to the civil rights movement. Arlen roussel is located in that historic tobacco warehouse. Guys did no less building that she Constructed all shutout This less and this is definitely a nice comedy He would went lower. And laura's got me. Yeah i louis during my My beverage comes from florida. It is a green in color it so as a as a on it and it is a abc zero point zero good old game union. There's no way. I could drink beer in coach basketball game. I mean you could. You can't respect me afterwards. And i don't want to you know like the technicals yoda. I want to be sober when i get back. I watched movie where there was an alcoholic basketball coach. I think. Ben affleck played the character. I came in with co. It was good movie though How far before i jump. How far is the tournament away. An hour or downingtown. Twenty two headed up. Yeah we want. We want to know for the morning. Good beer out. The woods impose had that grabbed me. Grabbed me an audit kids. Beer right eight l. Get him some every ida you drinking drinking is one of these weird ass sours or heads on from Artisanal brewery brew brew works from somewhere new york right from saratoga springs new york. I knew this Ah five percents sour l. as you can see look at the king and we haven't even tasted it yet but the green of the Look at all now like gatorade. Oh by the way before you even start. Your gatorade is definitely a passing. another line. Hot is rushing like gatorade really this but you can taste the it does take our like this hour apple like sour apple candy. What does not really as as sour. I thought it was gonna be the warhead war he had. And i didn't like you find us out of the four of us. You kinda kinda kinda sorta moorhead flavor beers. They ever have the.

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