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Alaskan waters come from those they're gonna move one thing so as soon as they get you note the ghetto see variable you said to me he knew that she enters so painter for a new salvaged the old look in their opportunity morrison and don't i think that as a model view on oh wow that's a lot to translate you know first of all how can that be a fluke or luck you know anti-gun knocked down and he got knocked down and then when he got up he got hit with another street right and then he was getting hit with some other punches because you know anthony joshua according to eddie hearn is one of the best finishers so i don't know how these people can say that that was luck i'd like for some of these people who have that train of thought somebody's corn balls get in the ring get punched in the face in a go go through these guys go through and a- and you tell me if it's luck you know the heavyweight division these guys they're punching very hard you know any anybody at that weight division can can get knocked down and and he got knocked down he got back up you know pure pure balls pull breath pure breast balls and got up and kept fighting and found his way to to a win it was multiple punches i just don't see how how how some of the public as a fluke or look he said you know would it was come on do me damn almost was perfect he said you know what it was it was mother fucking balls that's what he said come on you heard him say data he's yea where would your yeah he's he's.

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