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And it is less convenient play yeah liked that it's a weird takeout play ran i liked that about it yeah they they're just they're not worried about the infrastructure for delivering pizza they're just like we're just gonna habit hearing of pick it up and it'll be and not like this in here's the other thing price which isn't a factor abroad put in the max writer very good point how much was the total for the little caesars a we are it was just over seventeen dollars for too large john's total with tale putin was almost was more than three to three times more that's crazy it was three times more insane uh is there a point where the low price of the food yuri to become a negative ha a uh but it could be but for expacker i already gave my overall score which may wretched waves alas but expacker i get what you're saying but expacker i'm going to give it to little caesars 726 lau all i'm really gonna speed through mind so if you're the maintain at doboy zwick pedia listen up little caesars will be first poppa john's will be second cheese six six sauce 43 dough crust seven four toppings five six appearance eight three x factor 100 overall 6'4 guys let's get to our expected 100 yeah i gave a tend to little caesars and isiro for poppa johns as a thumb on the scale for may the hour because i liked that little caesars as the pizza of the working class and that poppa john eight a despise poppa john is a man and what he stands for all so.

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