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News. And more trouble for Rudy Giuliani, the former lawyer for Donald Trump now being sued by the law firm that's representing him in several investigations. It says Giuliani owes his about $1 .4 million. Giuliani calls the bills excessive. This is ABC News. As a roofer, I don't have time to fail. Homeowners rely on me, so I rely on Beacon. Beacon's unique network of branches work together to get me what I need when I need it. Working together. And with the Beacon Pro Plus app, I've got the brands I depend on, like Certainty and Landmark Pro right at my fingertips. And now through November, purchase Certainty with Beacon Pro Plus, web or app, and earn up to $750. Beacon. Always building. I'm Sherri Preston, ABC News. News radio traffic from the High Performance Homes traffic center. Roadward continues in Seattle on northbound I -5. The right lane is closed between Spokane Street and I -90 until 5 a .m. Over to the Silverdale area on northbound Highway 3 at Chico Way. The right lane is closed until 5 15 a .m. The Highway 3 on -ramp from Chico Way is also closed for Roadward overnight. I'm Jay Phillips, Northwest News Radio Traffic. The multi -dealer Evergreen Fall RV Show. This weekend, Monroe Fairgrounds. The last multi -dealer this show year. Nine top dealers excited to compete for your business. Three days only to beat the coming price increases. Apache Camping Center. Clearview RV. Maple Grove RV. Northwest Adventure. Open Road RV.

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