Julie Walker, Alabama Mississippi State Line, Hurricane Sally discussed on AP 24 Hour News


Bed Hornets teams he's averaging 19.6 points in the postseason, a nice dead on a Boston team that has balanced scoring. Walker was productive in Boston seven game series with the Raptors, but he knows the heat will pose a new challenge. Even this is a whole different team. Very differently. So just two. It just got to be able to adjust. Pretty fast. The Celtics therefore wins away from their first trip to the MBA finals in a decade. I'm Dave Ferrie thiss his AP News. I'm Rita Foley. Hurricane Sally is creeping toward the Alabama Mississippi State line. Theeighties Julie Walker has the latest rain from the storm's outer bands was already pummeling northwest Florida early Tuesday, along with parts of Alabama and Mississippi. Where residents Joseph Glasser and Trevor Clots were evacuating as the storm surge came in with several powers out already. We're going to go inland. We're gonna goto Papa Bill. Grand parents are there. They're there. There. Tone has come out there now and it's gonna get on its current track. Hurricane Sally is forecast to reach land near the Alabama Mississippi State line by late Tuesday, early Wednesday. With 110 MPH winds. I'm Julie Walker. NASA says the wildfires burning on the West Coast or sending carbon monoxide high into the atmosphere with concentrations at least seven times the normal amount. Fires have killed at least 35 people in California, Oregon and Washington state. At a briefing in the Sacramento area yesterday, President Trump downplayed climate change when.

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