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W RKO and Wicked bites tweeted out something today, Scott that I was previously unaware of, but, uh oh. We have a reason to love this day. Don't weigh It's National Lobster Day. I don't know why it's so late in September, But any time of year is great for baked stuffed lobster for May. You really are right and that I thought this National lobster Day I would think would be either in June or July. But you know, I'll take it whenever it is. Doesn't really matter to celebrate that day. I'm glad it's the weekend. So we have three days now to recover or three days to celebrate. I'm not above that, right? Yes, That's right Now. The guys asked on your Twitter question was, Where is your go to lobster place? So let me ask you if you're willing to share what you're going to lobster place. I do have one at the end of a point in Quincy. They have been making this lobster dish. The father Kevin there, remember, I don't know if you remember that there's a restaurant was called Bobby Hackett on the South Shore. I don't have a Kevin. The father was sort of an institution down there. Er work for that restaurant, and he learned how to make this baked stuffed lobster dish, and he has brought it to all of his restaurant, and it's just sensational. They've kind of loaded with sculpts and more lobster meat, and the stuffing is just fantastic. It's one of my favorite places and the finish in Is another great one with walnut stuffing here in Haven. That's a great places a £3 baked stuffed lobster. You've been telling me about that for years, and somehow you've avoided bringing me there for some reason, because you don't yet the problem. Because your moment you'll hand me the bill. I'll give you one of the feelers, and then I'll give you a bell. And then we're good, right? That's right. That's right. I learned today. Well, I learned today because of you tweeting this out, Scott. I started to look it up like, you know, one of the best lobster meals I ever had. And I don't get Mac and cheese very often anymore. But there's a restaurant called Fivefive.

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