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I might complement komo news good morning everybody hey we're going to start your day off with a lot of sunshine we're going to end it that way as well temperatures will be leaning on a hot side i think many of you will get into the 80s and and so of you might get into the upper 80s and that'll be the case the hot weather that he has all the way through the first part of next week where we expect temperatures in some cases to be close to the mid nineties hour in the komo weather center i'm steve pool the job market is cooling off a bit the labor department says only one hundred fifty six thousand jobs were added to the economy in august about twenty thousand fewer than expected and job growth in june and july has been revised down by a net 40000 the data was collected before hurricane harvey so the report doesn't include any impacts from that the jobless rate picked up a tenth to four point four no change labour force participation hourly wages increased three cents an hour to twenty six thirty nine that's a two and a half percent for the year president trump is reducing the one point nine percent federal pay raise that workers were promised for next year saying it isn't justified in a letter to house speaker paul ryan trump says the race should be just one point four percent he says the authority in times of national emergency or series economic conditions justified cereal giant kellogg's laying off a couple of hundred people in its home base of battle creek michigan the city's assistant manager ted deering addressing those affected where we're here and we wanna back you one hundred percent we wanna keep your hearing the the community there are other opportunities hoyer the maker of poptarts rice krispies and keebler cookies has been cutting cost to its says better meet evolving consumer needs you can still buy health insurance under the affordable care act or obamacare but you will be hearing much about it the trump administration is nearly wiping out the ad budget mark mayfield reports the help in human services department said on thursday it's cutting obamacare is and budget by ninety percent to ten million dollars the administration also was cutting spending on the groups that help people find called coverage plans through the insurance exchanges trump officials say the.

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