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We understand that it just now that been so divided so politicized we've got our history you know and that's one thing i don't like about trump talks america down too much this is a great country you know the best times are are are in the future you know nine not going back to the past and he always had this thing about mexicans and legal immigration the whole nine yards remember the gas from new york so there's some kind of bias i don't know what it is he has in his mind that he looked at the border and he looks at it as hey we're being invaded which to me you know i it crosses it crosses the line we shouldn't be looking like that is there a small percentage i come over here americans yester but that's why i prayed for and the waiter being used is not the right way to us i mean it's just not in me you know the onus is on congress they're not doing anything they're shirking their do you don't think that they feel that there's a sense of urgency there or are they just don't want to even test the waters you think well we'll talk about being reelected that's the problem i mean if you look that's why we you know the founding fathers you got you know got sprayed for you got you got you know the president there post to be checked some bosses day so one entity pall over everything else that's not happening and we have one party in power that is really not happening and you know it's it's bad for the country says bogdanor is not working we can't get simple things pass you can't get a budget passed you know waiting to the best selling comes up again and you know that's america we need a roster challenge we need to get this government to do their job they're not doing it and we don't have a colony that works for only for the rich and wealthy wellconnected no the general welfare of the people they're not doing it unfortunately this is the result we have inclosing on this and we've got a lot of folks we're going to get to but here's the thing that people don't understand what he's worried about these tariffs causing havoc to our economy you start pushing all of these you'll legal immigrants out of here doing all these jobs from agriculture to infrastructure to just cleaning up neighborhoods that's really going to put the economy upside down i don't think people realize ignificant of this labor and what it means sad to say a lot of it's because americans are lazy there's those were born here and they just don't take these jobs i'll say that to a point that people don't think about americans have choices okay we have two gone on it's a welfare state okay it also american has george american didn't have a choice that'd be picking tomatoes but we do you know and thank goodness we did have that choice and that's why the illegal here because they'll do the work that americans don't want don't want to do because we got to elicit different thing so that changes yeah you're going to need labor and also you big corporations they take advantage of that all right let me get to this commercial break hey ted thank you sir always good to hear from you have a great day listen ed a kevin tina we're gonna get to all of you but folks what do we do do we get rid of isis we know it immigration customer customer enforcement officers or is it just that we need to find a better way and not let what happened with these children being separated from their parents because we obviously have an issue we need to be concerned about who's coming into this country illegally eight six six three nine.

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