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Forget about it. I looked right. Well, you're at least twelve years old, and I'm probably not going to be back for a few years. So I guess this is goodbye. You know? So it was one of the things where it also let me know how long I've been doing the job the longer you. Do anyone skillset especially with with dogs? The more of them that are going to pass with time. Yeah. Yeah. It's just yeah. It's just nature. But yeah, I know that's what when you talk about a six year work life. That's not very long. No, that's a wink of an eye. Yeah. It goes way too fast. Yes. It does. Yeah. I know. That's what I'm on my fourth assistance dog. And so I yeah. So totally appreciate that that that's that's the bummer part with night with a. You know throughout the book. There's there's only that's just a drop in the bucket of the positive experiences. I've had the big dogs in my life that have done so much good work that you know. It's it's worth the sad part of it absolutely will. And I'm just so amazed by all the skills, but you've train these dogs to do these highly highly intense and sensitive situations. I mean, be and helicopters and all the different types of things that that they have to do is just so impressive in the equipment that they have to wear is there one memory that sticks out that you can share with us. Yeah. So you're talking about tell you a funny one that I like to share there was a dog. And now that we were in a helicopter, and we were getting close to where we need to be in this helicopter crew person looked over at me and goes, hey, what's he thinking about jumping avenue helicopter said, sir? I don't know. I've never asked him. I'm too worried about myself. So so we, you know, that's sort of a standing joke that I have is that, you know, the dogs do go out of aircrafts and they go out of boats, and we don't ask them, you know, because they're going anyway. And so it's better not to ask if they care not because they have to do it. So. That was a that was a good memory of mine, if you know that really gave me something last thinking, heck, I'm worried about getting myself out of this thing, and I guess hurt. He's okay. He'll be okay. He's tougher than I am. A whole new meaning the Gulf war it let me tell ya. Doors are tough. So you know, I we do. Far as wearing a quit. You were talking about wearing equipment. They do wear all kinds of equipment, and they're just so motivated to work like your dogs. Even I mean, they don't like you said that your dog would retrieve all day long. These will retrieve all day long. You say what you have to retrieve with the vest on. They said look at you and say, I don't care if I haven't been handcuffs. I'm gonna go get my tour. Yeah. So we use all of those drives to our advantage. And and you know, it's they get used to sometimes I look at the dogs and not do chocolate. Okay. You got things on your feet because it's bad terrain. You got this vest on? Because you got to do x y and z, and then you gotta muzzle one because of whatever now we're wearing I pro because we're around helicopters and their tails are up and they're happier. Like, you're wearing a bunch of junk. So Ma let's just go work. I love that. There's an image in the book that I love of a dog that looks so happy, and he is exactly like you described with the muzzle with the I gear with I mean, you can hardly tell the dog except for his adorable little ears that are sticking out with all that going on. And all they can think about is. Hey, wintertime to go to work. Yeah. Yeah. Excited. They are for work. Yeah. Compared to what their paycheck is. Yes. The work. It's unbelievable. Yeah. It's all of us could have just a a quarter of that. Imagine what we could what we could do if the only paycheck. We needed was a tennis ball or food. It'd be pretty nice to. Yes. Yes. Will we just thank you so much for being with us? And thank you for the work that you're doing and the impact that you're having in the safety that you're providing to so many of us. So we really really appreciate you, and these incredible canines and their handlers too. But we love the canine. Ravin me. I I really appreciate it. We'll tell us really quickly before you have to run. How can our listeners? Get more information about you. And the book what's the best way? Is there a web to? Yeah. You can do our website is covert, canine dot com. You can find it there. And it has information about the book within Cobra canine as well or googling. Matthew duffy..

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