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You guys feel. Free be fun. It'll be fun to these in more than likely all be sitting here talking to you. Bozos there you have a Taylor twelve when that Taylor. Twelve and on twitter. You already fallen. I am sure and you see him on. Espn as well. Taylor thank you for your time. Ma'am Banter is awesome. We love having more of the content out in the wild here have a good woman. Yeah no problem voice. Well done Taylor. Twelve Home Office extra-time sportscenter all the same. It's basically the same thing you say in the same spots. What do you think it's like just living life up here? Really you know. I've flown on multiple flights attala. He's always first. Class is in the back of the plane. I've come to terms of the fact that I'll never be forced classes. Look I don't think I care I don't I don't care either but I just know from San Francisco for certain persons wedding. God and my girlfriend was first class and I was not and the guy she got upgraded and the guy in my row like he's like I don't know if someone's going to sit in the middle I was like no I don't think so 'cause by offering just got upgraded and he gave me this like gin and I was like what do I just leaving you behind. Is Davy the game of the Week? What do you got? What are you watching? What do you care about? I think this is an obvious one. So I'm sorry for low hanging fruit. But Seattle hosting Columbus Columbus. I had stopped three in the East Seattle. Abbas top three in the West. I thought both of them performed well in week one Seattle. It took some time basically Jordan Morris. Coming off the bench which shifted roll down until more comfortable spot but they don't have C. C. L. C. You'd expect the stars you know to start in this one maybe low darrow available. Because apparently he's out in training completely cleans fence in as well really yet entertaining. Ladera both at training. They're both suited up. I don't know where they're at but that allows Schmeltzer to move his pieces. Probably into a more comfortable one so. I think that that's the that's the easy pick for me. In Columbus. They played well was week. One man up for eighty seven minutes. How do they take that move forward? Go ON THE ROAD. Probably have to play a little bit more behind the ball in this one and how to. Zell around before I WANNA see Morris Against Harris Awful. I really really liked that matchup. Do you think he's better? Just maybe possibly just a good entertaining match for me. I'M GONNA go Atlanta Cincinnati Seven. Pm on Saturday. Why because I want to see a Frank? Damore is going to do the everybody's talking about everybody's debating. Is it going to be the false night? I don't think it will be. I don't know why you would go through your entire preseason unless they were really working that wrinkle in which again. I don't know why they would have spent that much time doing it. Unless Frank de Boer has like the all seeing eye and he's like Oh Joseph is going to go down and then what do we do? I think they'll go Adam John. I think that's probably the right move just to see you have to. At least give them a chance at all. And there's not a better opportunity than home against Cincinnati like you should be able to gain game. He should he should be able to against those centrebacks. No Offense Cincinnati. Still haven't shown it to be what you need them to be which is basically just like honestly a wall for pity and Barco to pass off of and run off. He's not a bad passer of the ball. He can find them in the right positions. And then just get in the box and see what false to you. Maybe it's a cross. Maybe it's a rebound. Maybe it's nothing it doesn't matter. Just give him that one opportunity to see. And it's probably not gonNA be one probably more than that I just don't see them them switching it up immediately especially after good. Pity's been behind that striker running off of an embargo to after way for Charlie to get back to get I don't go alone sold Charlie I would agree that this is the one you take produce an ongoing things that FC Cincinnati gets a w here. That's crazy but you're going to locate you. I like what I saw from him in the late. Game Against Red. Wolves and one thing you're going to see is unbelievable. Athlete like size strength and speed to be that coordinated clean on the ball. Impressive how it fits into a team and how effective it is will ask a question like five FC Cincinnati. I don't know that the blow it all up. 'cause Janda may has been there. Yeah but like. There's this constant question of who they are and they were just starting to verbalize that. And have you see it on the field with Ron Yawns? Even if the results weren't there last year you kinda hit the reset button again. Maybe maybe not all right. Who has the most pressure going into week? Two who's feeling it which is weird to say I think the reality now because there's one more team in each conference you gotta be on from the start or else you're playoff spots gonNA start slipping away pretty soon. I the one we have on top of our last. And I think we both agree on is Portland Timbers because you're starting with two home games so from last year. Which is we're on the road for fourteen games. Whenever we get his gravy shop Zimmer You have to get a result. You also showed some holes and some deficiencies against Minnesota. So how can you adjust to that and prove that it was a single mistake? It wasn't structural with the way your team's built one of the things discussed is should they sit behind the ball encounter and be that team. I don't want I don't think there's any coach in mls that comes into the year saying that's what they're gonNA do and there's no the rapids way letter the first interview. I love to play expansive attacking soccer. This is why I am. Every coach is going to do that then. The results start to change that. You're not at that point yet. So what can the timber show that they have? Which is really it's deja. Vu from last year home struggles. Who and they had to. They got tested arguing. Tested off the jump with it. This is a stat that I'd forgotten but now remember the Portland Timbers despite making plans despite finishing six and having that terrible start on the road that they had to sort of slog through to get to their home games they had the third fewest wins in the Western Conference at home. The Houston Dynamo. Had more wins. The rapids had more wins. The San Jose earthquakes had more wins at home only sporting KC and the Vancouver whitecaps had fewer. That's not an issue that can carry over not just because it's Portland stadiums full and the timbers army expects Yada Yada because they went out and spent so much money and their expectations. I think are even a step up. Maybe from what they were a year ago because at this time of year ago they didn't have brand Fernandez who it was more like. Okay well we need to get another year out of Diego. Valeri Sebastian Blanco this year. You went reinforced. The back line. You Win Got Jimmy Chara. You went and got to Mora I mean and these goethe it's time it's time to show that home is a fortress and we're not the team that we which is nominally for MLS struggle at home. I mean the whole conversation around amyloidosis. Can you get results on the road? So dropping results at home is just a nonstarter for being a competitive team last Alexander pressure. I don't think so because I think one. They have the structure where they're not going to be affected by outside noise. I there are some teams and say you gotTa be Entertaining Week. One and get the fans coming back and be a part of both both of us all loud. Okay News. I don't think that that is an issue for this galaxy. Team won because she thereto people come back. He's a star the Mexican community there the La Community. They'll come watch him play after week. One and I think ELLA GALAXY ARE SMART. Enough to not panic. Now who Mexican National Team Centreback Charts. I right now. I've got mine on my that's interesting That one really call me okay because we heard the rumors from Argentina. The Frankel stuff. Yeah so I was a little bit sister combing through eighteens. The squad's the Margarita. Martinez putting out just to see who maybe has a club situation. Yeah that might just work for the Galaxy. Interesting was he. That's the one. That's an Alvarez is the one right I don't think that's real you don't think that's real. I think they put an attempt in because it worked teacher. Utility worked with EARL IN TUNA. That things aren't working. He also has that relationship. But it's an Alvarez plays for X. and he's already over there and he's entering his prime and he's a starter for Tom Martino at multiple positions when he comes into the camp. I don't see I think it's more like Nelson Rahu types where he's struggling for minutes a little bit sort of what asphalt all on his head and came to San Jose. It's probably more in that camp of a guy twenty seven to thirty one who's looking for permanent minutes and also if you play which read so and John Tots is Gonna. Watch you right. There's value to getting into the national team. Know he values the league. And what you do there so it makes sense for guys like that. I don't believe yet the Diego Line. As is the tech. Tito's that's an Alvarez is that are gonNA come to me with the tail between their legs at twenty two before. They've really established himself to be between the legs coach redoing. Jona one of the biggest clubs in North America Fair. But we know what they're doing. I hope it's an Alvarez but I probably wrong about that one before we get to the mail bag the random team. You're watching and week to what's the team that maybe we haven't talked about or having given love or just other than the preview the airtime has been minimal. I I'll say Orlando and I think I had some interesting conversations with Orlando fans. One of the cliche comments has been. They looked better this week than they have than they did. Last year. Under James Growth of statement. Yeah and then I think a lot of Orlando fans who watched closely didn't feel that way and obviously they fail to score at home. It was a great crowd. Great atmosphere one of the things about. Orlando last year was the attack worked and the defense work. They didn't work together at the same time. In Games team was disconnected when they threw numbers into the attack that created opportunities when they sat deep as a group they were able to defend. Unfortunately the game goes both ways and so Oscar prayer has job. I don't think is to rework patterns in the attack to create a new style or to you know reestablish how they defend it's connecting those two things so your team can move as a cohesive unit. You're lying state tighter. You're able to cover ground as a team. You press as a team and therefore you're able to control games or stain games. That's what Oscar preyistas Dallas teams. Were like kind of after the first year. Was they never beat themselves?.

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