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Positive perception about them from the rest of the world maybe they're tried to avoid more sanctions i i don't know but wow and maybe it'll still work out but it just seems like that's completely been flipped on its ear triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninetythree yes and yes by the way if you're curious on the shooting democrats have already reignited the whole gun control debate are all over it now win parkland happened kentucky governor matt bevin made a statement that i thought was really good and pretty bold because you're opening up yourself for all kinds of criticism and mockery but if you remember matt bevin who we loved what he ran against mitch mcconnell and then he ran for office again obviously lost a mcconnell then he lost another bid for for for public office for i forget when he was running and maybe it was congress and then he finally ran for governor of kentucky and actually one that one and the guy has great here's what he said shortly after the park lynch on anyone who's in a position of influence every superintendent every ceo of every media company that produces a video game that is violent in its nature the movie producers who make the movies the record producers who produced the music that we listen to all of you we've got a step up we're the adults let's act like it that's that's something nobody wants to hear nobody wants to hear that.

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