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Went to number forty nine on the US billboard charts. The same time love will keep us together. Went to number one. Now, I'm channeling my inner Casey Kasem. It's very rare when a recording artist is able to achieve top fifty status with a song both in English and Spanish, but that was done by the captain Antonio way back in nineteen seventy I can't do Casey Kasem. But in any event, that's one of the significant notes with the passing of Daryl dragon the other one was they did like everybody else at that time did do a variety show like most of them. It wasn't that good. But enough about that. Let's find something else. Historic to talk about the KTAR timeline. Brought to you by the husband and wife lawn team, but briar law protecting the rights of the seriously injured in Arizona since nineteen Ninety-six. Good morning. All it's Thursday. January third and today back in nineteen Fifty-nine. Alaska is admitted into the union as the forty ninth state. Danish explorer Vitus Bering, I spotted the Alaskan mainland in seventeen forty one and soon thereafter, Russian hunters were making their way into the territory and claimed it as Russian America by the eighteen sixties. However, Russia was broke and needed money. Enter United States Secretary of State William Seward who is keen on expanding United States territorial holdings and took a special shine to Russian America because of his interest in wailing during his time as a New York Senator in eighteen sixty seven Seward signed a treaty with Russia to purchase Alaska for seven point two million bucks, which washed out to be about two cents per acre. Sounds like a good deal to me Seward's folly at some political opponents referred to it turned out not to be such a folly. After all when the.

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