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Sergeant Schultz remember him, folks. Can we get the sad fish? That's I. I. I weeping face of the thing for that Hogan's heroes rep. Love that show. The figure of best order Kurds, always being Ling. Buxom secretary. Klink? It's point. That'd be a way more interested show. The Bose head fuck at stake in front of the camp am I right, folks? In the manga Gertz. Cannot be stopped. You know, what people think they can get you? If you're all about something. But the truth is if you know one thing, you know, every big and you connected back to that one thing. And pretend you were talking about that. Felix realize this after he referred to the famous of volcano and ancient Rome is mount Vesuvius. Most people, but I said, well, actually, the restaurant, but sue also burned down c done. He cannot be faded folks. So this is Howard Schultz who I get someone informed me of this addition to being the Starbucks Scott. He's also the asshole that fucked up the SuperSonics, right? Oklahoma city's fan of this. And if you go to the Wikipedia page for two thousand twenty potential democratic presidential candidate, no is no, it's a very broad list. It's got a lot of crazy names on their Mark Cuban and stuff. It's the broadest possible list, but on the list is Howard Schultz. Okay, wasn't considered. Remember he was on the shortlist for Hillary's cabinet. He would have been at least secretary of I think labor, and maybe even like commerce or fucking treasury. Well, this is interesting because in these books he offers a fairly telling vision of the ideology of contemporary capitalism. Into this. His first book is called onward, which I think was the same slogan as the Italian.

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