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Or like a cantaloupe or a dry have an artificial hand. That's not cheating but that stuff now because it doesn't have a face ooh vegetarian cheating prostitute is something is is someone. Sorry I know it's twenty sex worker. It's twenty twenty. No but it's someone is someone that you hey for right they're not you're not treating them as quote unquote a human being. You're treating them as something you buy. It's like a transaction a transaction. Okay but that's okay. No that's bad that's as bad as the robot so you're saying a robot is basically a prostitute a sex worker. We'll all the robots in my house our Marine in here Roomba my room. Very what are we learning. I think it is cheating because especially if the robot looks human robot it looks like your partner and your town. Oh been no no. We don't hold on hold on hold on. Does this robot that looks. It's like my partner talk and act like my partner urges it just look like my partner which which which neither neither the. I'm asking what the robot in your mind is in my mind. Your partner has programmed it for you as a gift. Oh well then you're in an open. Relationship is an open relationship now. I know there's always some women out there who would say yes absolutely absolutely because I've got a headache I don't feel like having sex can just let my robot do it. And he's getting the same. You know probably better. So yeah. She's buying more fun no she's probably doing more than wait. Are you making a robot of you for your partner. Yeah A- and I say you know you're okay with that if if there's not seen by now I think any time there's a consent nine and then co like a conversation between the couple of like. Hey I'm going to have sex with his robot sometimes then it's not cheating then it's totally fine absolutely nothing wrong with that but I walked walked in and my partner was having sex with an Amanda Robot. I'd go I'd shoot them both shoot myself. What what if that answers? It's about concern is right and I do think as long as it's everybody's well it's not cheating if everyone's cool with it but it's a bigger question here is it's not that your partner made this robot for you. Whatever it's okay you're out of town and there's a robot saying hey hey baby come yeah? Hey big boy beep beep off. Let's get it let's get crazy BEBOP BEBOP And then okay simpler what if into. Rtd to beeps and boobs only and it doesn't ever face and it's just beep some boobs sure and it's just like it's just like a little like cylinder then then it's like a vibrator essentially like I am and I don't think using I think a robot that you're describing is like in place of a human whereas or the the robots that I think that are two D- Two type thing is just something for sexual pleasure. I think like I don't think there's anything wrong with like using sex toys but I think it's weird earlier. He said it was essential and I started. But I do think if it's like something that could Maria saying substituted human. I also the more probably the more you're having sex with like a robot or something of the like the less you're going it needs to have sex with your partner and I think that could be detrimental to a relationship unless you wanted to integrate the robot into like a three song or just a house guest it just signed. There's nothing brings together more than a than a nosy houseguests duprey. Yeah then I mean you you me and duprey free free movie. It was about sex right it was I think that robots with faces or whatever are and I think you're getting something whether you like it or not coming emotional reaction to that thing but if fits something without a face that it's just purely all right. I got I got when I needed. You know what I'm saying it. Has this helped you figure out what you're going to do. I'm not gonNA build the robots what do you think. What do you think Ben? I'm not an committed really it Yeah it depends on Consent agreements. I think okay but there's no agreement and an RTD to comes up to you but it's sexy art three D. R. to double D to talk to nuts then then if it's a sexy opportunity due to look it's whistle is a little higher. I think I respect my significant other too much to heart for that. Why still something? That's trying to tempt you and you know it's wrong. Yes of course but that's affairs. Don't don't pay no Charlton. Well actually I've never seen Hamilton anyway. Affairs don't Japan. I is that a song from Hamilton. It is the subject of a song. It's a yeah it's like wait. Have you seen my loved.

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