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Five five to six we have but jordan goodman america's money answers man with us this evening and before we get into uh uh just a why stocks were doing so well i want to talk to a sharon in crane missouri who called into might hello sharon i saw him sharon later i shower yes yes you're on the radio go right ahead okay one i got a comment to make minute have a question first of all i have never gotten a job from a poor man i don't have a problem at all with rich people getting a tax cut 'cause they're gonna spend that money and that means that people are gonna be having jobs because they're gonna be making the things that they're going to spend money on my show i don't have a problem with that shall now i have a question that is really taxrelated but it's about this student debt that kids are graduating with not instead of having them stuck with that debt why doesn't the government a mandate that they have to start paying that money instead of back into the government put it into and fire array and that they have to make steady deposits into that so that at the end of their retirement age when there isn't supposedly any social security they will have money to retire on a much diplomats barrel money to go to college how how's it going to pay it back if the money goes with an ira i don't understand how they're going to pay back student loans but put monday night thing became back flick you're actually doing if you're having then pay for their own social security when they retire instead of the government paying for their social security okay of the current system of social security is your pay through your paycheck him there's that's kind of a separate system the ira's in addition to social security and student.

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